Karine Jean-Pierre – Callous, Unfeeling On Border

Karine Jean-Pierre – Callous, Unfeeling On Border

Karine Jean-Pierre – Callous, Unfeeling On Border

Karine Jean-Pierre, like 95% of Liberals, talks a good game, but when it’s time to step up and put it on the line, they are callous and unfeeling about the border. They claim we are the ones who don’t care, but it’s them every time and twice on Sunday. Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) proves the rule every time she speaks. KJP and the Left are still whining about kids in cages after being ripped from their parents’ arms. At least, those kids are still alive, as opposed to the kids dead from the callous policies of the Biden Administration.

For decades, we have been told that those of us on the Right don’t care about poor people, babies once they are born, and anyone with actual melanin in her skin. I have always believed that Lefties were the callous ones. They can’t believe that the poor and people of color can make their own choices and run their own lives. That brings us to Karine Jean-Pierre and her unfeeling thoughts on the Border. In answer to a question from Peter Doocey, KJP posited that illegal immigrants are “not just walking across the border”:

Jean-Pierre sparked the controversy last week when she was asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy why unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic could not enter America to play in the US Open tennis tournament while unvaccinated migrants arrive from Mexico by the thousands.

“It is not that simple,” the press secretary said. “It’s not just that people are walking across the border. We have a plan in place. This is not like switching the lights on. ​T​his is going to take a process.”

Cruz wasn’t the only Republican to call out Jean-Pierre for her comments.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) sent a letter to the White House last week suggesting that she and President Biden both make a sojourn to the border region to see for themselves the consequences of the administration’s policies.

Senator Ted Cruz, being the kind and generous man that he is, offered to be a guide for KJP at the border:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre haughtily declared Tuesday that she would not be “lectured” by Republicans on border security after publicly turning down an invitation from Sen. Ted Cruz to see migrants walking across the US-Mexico frontier for herself.

The Texas Republican attacked Jean-Pierre on his “Verdict with Ted Cruz” podcast over the weekend after the president’s chief spokesperson told reporters on Aug. 29: “It’s not just that people are walking across the border.”

“There are two and only two possibilities,” Cruz told co-host, Michael Knowles. “Either she is deliberately ignorant — she has no idea what’s happening at the border — or she’s deliberately lying. There’s not a third possibility. It is one or the other.

“So, I’m gonna make an invitation right now to Karine Jean-Pierre,” Cruz added. “If you believe it’s not happening that people are walking across the border, Karine, I invite you, come to Texas. Come to the Rio Grande Valley, spend one hour on the border, and I promise you, you and I will see dozens, if not hundreds, of people walking across the border.

It’s a full on daily invasion at the border. Karine would know that if she read, at all. Instead, she got all huffy and said she had been to the border in 2018 and that she had seen kids in cages, ripped from their parents’ arms. Kids would be better off in cages or soft-sided tent things than abandoned, trafficked or drowned. That is the kind of callous disregard for life that leads to quotes about breaking eggs and making omelettes. The Left never sees the damage they wreak.

The Left creating open borders creates more opportunities for traffickers. Children are trafficked for sex and for their organs. This video proves the point:

Children and adults drown in the Rio Grande:

Two small inflatable floats with printed aquatic animals in bright colors lay by the river under the Eagle Pass port of entry in Texas on Saturday, a day after nine migrants died while swimming the Rio Grande.

A parent had placed their child in the floats and jumped in a river that looked deceptively calm. National guardsmen tasked with watching that section of Eagle Pass saw it for what it was: a treacherous, deep body of water with whirlpools between pillars holding up the international bridge.

“That’s the problem with people from other countries,” said Tom Schmerber, the Maverick county sheriff. “When they come, they’re used to seeing big rivers. Then they see this one. It’s not too big for them. But the Rio Grande carries a lot of currents.”

How about this headline, Karine Jean-Pierre: “Biden administration has lost track of a third of released migrant kids: report.
Data show that thousands of children are unaccounted for.”

KJP and the others on the Left need to shut their yaps until they find the missing kids and close the border.

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  • Thomas Moore says:

    Do note how many times the dimmos will say “but there is no border crises all is well do not believe your lying eyes” and a thought occurs to me = to the dimmos there is no crises because the mass invasion is exactly exactly what they want. Perfectly and why? Because dimmos by hook or crook will want to enable “every person votes in free and fair elections based on their residency” and nothing whatsoever of citizenship and that is exactly why. They know full well that invasion will be starving for gub’mint handout they will be sure to offer while mean old white people of GOP will say no. So they entice in million of new voters. Voting with no ID or papers needed that is the dimmo plan and it’s working.

  • Kilgore Trout says:

    She also said, after being told 300 people a day are dying from fentynal poisoning, “We are doing enough”. Apparently 300 a day are acceptable losses.

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