John Kerry Sent Hillary Now-Classified Info From “Non-Official” Email Address

John Kerry Sent Hillary Now-Classified Info From “Non-Official” Email Address

Is this the old government bureaucrat version of “come on, Mom – everyone else gets to do it, why not ME???”

"I wanna be like Hillary when I grow up."  (AP photo/Carolyn Kaster)
“I wanna be like Hillary when I grow up.” (AP photo/Carolyn Kaster)
Despite all those non-disclosure agreements and security clearances, it seems that John Kerry, as a senator, was the happy user of a “non-official” email account himself. And one of those emails from John Kerry, which was sent to Hillary Clinton’s own “non-official” email address on her homebrew server, has now been retroactively classified.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday then-Sen. John Kerry used a “non-official” email address to send Hillary Clinton information in 2011 that has since been classified.

The emails between Kerry and Clinton were included among a small batch of records made public by the State Department Friday. It had been upgraded to “secret,” the level of classification in government above “confidential,” but below “top secret.”

“I can tell you the [email] that we talked about being upgraded to secret was sent from a non-official account, and the account from which it was sent is no longer active,” Kirby said of the email Tuesday. “I’ve not spoken to the secretary about his reaction to that being out there.”

His reaction should be one of abject groveling followed by a resignation letter, but we won’t be that lucky. Does NO ONE in this administration read the rules, or is that a prerequisite of getting a job as a Cabinet Secretary in the Obama administration?

God only knows what has been flushed out of that server in Hillary’s bathroom.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    If the Cold War was still going on we’d all be dead by now after being nuked by Moscow thanks to these idiots of the State Dept.

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