Jezebel’s Hillary Clinton Hypocrisy

Jezebel’s Hillary Clinton Hypocrisy

The Washington Free Beacon is putting new life into an old Hillary Clinton story. The Free Beacon has now dug up audio tapes of Hillary talking about one of her legal cases from 1975, when she helped an accused child rapist get a plea deal on a technicality. The tapes do not make Hillary sound like a nice person, or one who cared terribly about getting justice for a child.

To the feminist apologists at Jezebel (owned by that bastion of fine Internet taste, Gawker), this is “old” news, and therefore, not important.

Fortunately, Free Beacon digital managing editor Andrew Stiles gave Jezebel a much-needed hypocrisy check.

Ouch. That might leave a mark. At least, it would if the Jezebelers had any shame. I think they’re on short supply over there.

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  • Jen says:

    On the tapes, Clinton is laughing about the loss of evidence at the forensics lab(the perpetrator’s underwear which had blood on them).

    I don’t even know what to say more than that.

  • Kelley Kruse says:

    She is one cold callous bitch! The little girl that was raped was again victimized by the Newsday article that wanted to portray
    Hillary in a positive light. Damn her twice at the expense of the girl and then the girl as a grown woman.

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