ISIS Calls For Recruits Gets Hilariously Trolled By Muslims

ISIS Calls For Recruits Gets Hilariously Trolled By Muslims

ISIS Calls For Recruits Gets Hilariously Trolled By Muslims

This falls into the realm of “You can’t make this S*** Up!” DAESH/ISIS decided to embark on a major recruitment push with the help of their self-appointed ‘caliph’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:

The group’s secretive leader released a rare 24-minute audio statement on December 26, urging believers to ‘urgently’ join the group.
He also called for an uprising in Saudi Arabia and pledged future attacks in Israel.

How effective will his recruiting be? Only ISIS knows for sure. Shall we ask them?

ISIS self appointed "leader" Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
ISIS  “leader” Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

Sorry, no can do. They are a little busy dealing with the myriad of responses from enterprising Muslims who’d had enough of their shenanigans. Oh yes indeed, the responses are not only Saturday Night Live skit worthy; they in fact would win Emmy’s for the SouthPark antics that would ensue! Behold a few of the greatest hits thus far.


Stats please!

Shades of Obamacare!

Darn those pesky curfews!

Oh man! Way to hit Tom Brady where it hurts!

Oh NO!! Might we have stepped on a nerve?? Too bad…so sad!

Lets have some fun y’all! Let’s troll those ISIS/DAESH terrorists with boatloads of humor. As we know from two of the best, humor used wisely and well can stop someone in their tracks! Lets take Winston Churchill for a quote or two:

“Although always prepared for martyrdom, I preferred that it should be postponed.”

ISIS won’t like this one:

If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.

And then there is this guy named Ronald Reagan. You guys know him right?? He’s the guy who banded together with  Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul and brought down the Iron Curtain!

Today we did what we had to do. They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong.

Oh wait… was that too harsh? Let’s try this on for size.

desert circle 7

When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Does that hurt your feelings? Oh well…sorry! Oh wait, our fellow Victory Girls have joined in the fun!

The Wi-Fi is spot in Raqqa.

Do you have free birth control?

Can’t make it. Today is Burqa wash day.

Sorry! Tonight is my disco night with a side of twerking! Cheers!

Going to Paint and Sip night with the girls. Will have to jihad later.

Too much maybe?? Nope! Lets keep at it shall we?

Hold your horses, I mean goats! Achmed’s sister Achmedina the Hot Terrorist has a few things to say! *more than slightly NSFW

I have to say, this one is the bomb!

Toni, one of our fellow Victory Girls nailed it yesterday. No matter the talking heads and all their appeasement blathering; the fact of the matter is we aren’t afraid of ISIS. We are ANGRY. We are really really ANGRY and have no qualms about letting the terrorists have it. And if that means getting all up in their face and laughing ourselves silly at their antics, then go for it!! They won’t take our country away. They won’t take our lives away, and they certainly won’t take our ability to laugh away.


If that gets their goat or their ducks for that matter, then so be it.

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