Ilhan Omar Says Border Patrol Is Terrorizing Immigrants

Ilhan Omar Says Border Patrol Is Terrorizing Immigrants

Ilhan Omar Says Border Patrol Is Terrorizing Immigrants

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has called for the elimination of the Customs and Border Protection Agency. She “grouped CBP with other “rogue agencies” lacking in accountability and transparency.” Omar is vying with AOC and Eric “Smallballs” Swalwell, among many others, for most stupid member of Congress.

As Fox News Network reported, Omar appeared on the BET Digital Series “Black Coffee” and said:

“We know that they have spoken in the most vile ways about immigrants. We know that they have certain views of what brown and black people deserve,” Omar explained. “And so we should be having a conversation about eliminating their existence [and] reforming the agencies that deal with the most vulnerable, who are children and women.”

If Miss Omar would take a few minutes away from violating campaign finance laws, she might learn that 51% of CBP agents are brown people (Hispanic). Here are the details:

he U.S. Customs and Border Protection Public Affairs Office told The Daily Caller News Foundation that about 51 percent of Border Patrol agents were Hispanic or Latino at the end of fiscal year 2016. About 50 percent of all Border Patrol staff, not just agents, were Hispanic or Latino.

The percentage of Hispanic agents was about the same nearly a decade ago. The Houston Chronicle reported in 2008 that 52 percent of Border Patrol agents were Hispanic.

The Border Patrol has a much higher percentage of Hispanic and Latino agents than the general population. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that about 18 percent of the population was Hispanic or Latino in 2017.

Having a high percentage of Hispanic agents at our Southern border makes great sense. They are more likely to speak the language and understand the many dialects from different Mexican, Central and South American countries. But, Ilhan Omar cannot be bothered with facts.

The congresscritter also said:

“We are continuing to allow for them to terrorize people who are running away from the most horrific circumstances, and that’s… inhumane and that can’t sit well with the American values we have … about dignity and humanity.”

First of all, not all of these folks are running away from “horrific” circumstances. Many want, understandably, a better life and more opportunities. Second, the stories of disease and death make for a great narrative in the “hate America media”, but don’t reflect the work that our agents actually do. You can read about some of the life saving efforts in the Yuma section here. And, the CBP is buying 2.2 million diapers, according to this report. That doesn’t sound like terror or inhumane conduct to me.

You can watch the whole Black Coffee episode below:

If you couldn’t stomach the stupidity that drips from this woman’s mouth, Ilhan Omar listens to Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” before she speaks on the floor of the House of Representatives.

We cannot allow reprehensible know-nothings who hate America, as Ilhan Omar does, to smear our brave border patrol agents. We must hold these first responders up as role models.

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  • Cameron says:

    So we send these countries money to help their citizens have a better life, they repay us by sending hordes of invaders to our country to get free benefits and to send money back to their nation. Explain why I should be sympathetic?

  • Harlan says:

    Send this anti-American wonk and her Congressional Golden Parachute back to the hell hole from whence she came.
    I’m God damned sick and tired of being lectured to by foreigners (and liberals) that hate this country.
    Happy Independence Day to actual citizens who conversely love the USA!

  • Scott says:

    Somewhere in somalia, a village is missing it’s idiot, and we should send her America hating ass back there right quick!

  • Pyrthroes says:

    Why does a lhan Omar cross the road? To purchase a Shari’a compliant Marriage certificate from Rashida Tlaib.

    What have either of ’em got to offer anybody? Nothing says “Allahu Akbar” better than a tail-waggin’ booga-loo using he/she/its taqiyya finger-crossing to swear her Congresional Oath-of-Oriface.

  • GWB says:

    We know that they have spoken in the most vile ways about immigrants.
    I’d be curious to know her antecedent for “they”. If it wasn’t specifically the stupid FarceBook group, then she’s slandering those folks. And she should not only be called on it, but should be sued over it. (Ideally Congress would censure her and remove her from all committees and not allow her to speak on the floor, but we all know how likely that is to happen.)

    terrorize people
    And this crap is why you’re going to run out of OPS (Other People’s Sympathy). When you deliberately inflate what’s happening, or even make sh*t up, we stop caring. And, soon – much like the racism issue, where you eventually turn good people into tribalists – everyone will wantthe BP to just shoot, shovel, and shut up. This is NOT a good ending, and it will be these a**holes’ fault.

    running away from the most horrific circumstances
    No. No they are not. They are running from less-than-best circumstances. They are running to a better economy. They are running to a freer place. But that from which they run is by no means “most horrific”. You’d think someone who ran from Somalia would know that.
    (Yes, yes, of course she does. She’s lying to achieve a political end. But there’s your tell.)

    You can watch the whole Black Coffee episode below
    I’m not going to, because I will end up losing my temper.

    know-nothings who were specifically invited here out of our compassion who hate America

  • Paul says:

    Somehow methinks there is a connection between democrats, illegals, terrorists. and drugs. Everyday the truth is becoming more self-evident…oops.

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