If girls join the Boy Scouts, is it really the Boy Scouts anymore?

If girls join the Boy Scouts, is it really the Boy Scouts anymore?

If girls join the Boy Scouts, is it really the Boy Scouts anymore?

What is wrong with being a girl? Feminists want us to really live the message that women are powerful and strong and capable, and, even superior. Girls Run the World! Right, Beyonce? Right, girls are awesome!


But there must something wrong with being a girl. What else can be the reason for all the attempts to join, infiltrate, and take over men’s organizations? Clearly, these actions indicate that doing things with girls is inferior, that forming girl groups is lacking something, that girls-only is second-rate.

The latest in this misguided attempt to insert girls into boys’ world is the potential legal action of a few girls aged 10-13 who want to join the Boy Scouts, because apparently the Girl Scouts don’t do the things they want to do (except they probably do). The girls are part of the Unicorns, a girls group that associates with the Boy Scouts. The girls petitioned to join the Boy Scouts, but they declined the application. It has been forwarded to the national board for further consideration.


There are surely benefits to co-educational opportunities. But there are also great benefits to single sex education, and groups that want to associate with one gender ought to be allowed to do it and to have the support of the law in doing so. In this case, the law is probably on the side of single sex Boy Scouts, if the Boy Scouts want to hold firm to this position. By law, they are already exempted from having to adhere to nondiscriminatory practices. (They recently voluntarily changed their position with regard to allowing homosexuals to join – but stipulate that sexual orientation will not disqualify a young man, but participating in the behavior will.)

In this case where girls want to be Boy Scouts, the obvious solution is that if girls want to do the kinds of activities that the Boy Scouts do then there doesn’t seem to be anything holding them back. They could form their own Girl Scout troop – these girls have already done that in forming the Unicorns – and create their own agenda. There doesn’t seem to be anything prohibiting them from doing that. Or they could form their own independent group if necessary. It could be co-ed if that’s what they are seeking.

Why take the route of disrupting an organization where surely a lot of good is being done in all-boy settings? Why should the girls’ desire to camp or learn archery override the boys’ interests of learning in a single-gender group? Where is the protection for the boys’ rights to freedom of association? Nothing is holding the girls back from those activities and the Boy Scouts, which is a private organization, is not the only place where they can get that experience.

But while it is true that these girls are not being barred from gaining knowledge in things of their choosing, they will likely try to make the case that somehow they are. Or that their opportunities are diminished because Boy Scouts is better funded or more recognized. The reality is that if they succeed in joining the Boy Scouts, it would simply no longer be the Boy Scouts, and once again the value of boys being boys will be diminished. Boys no longer have “safe spaces” because females can’t figure out how to create awesome places of their own.

Instead of inserting chaos into a national organization for boys, these girls could just try being awesome girls, becoming empowered through activities of their own choosing in a group of kids who make a conscience choice to experience these activities together. Boys in Boy Scouts have made a decision to share their experiences with each other. The girls need to stop chasing after the boys and instead create their own future.

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  • I’m betting there are Leftist parents behind this whole thing.

    • Jenny North says:

      When adults get involved in kids’ activities, they always cause problems. I cite youth sports in support of this position.

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  • GWB says:

    The whole point of the Boy Scouts was to establish training to turn BOYS into young MEN – skills, morals, leadership, and reverence.
    (I have stopped supporting the BSA, btw, since they caved on the homosexual front. They no longer serve the purpose for which they were created.)

    Of course, the point of feminists is to turn girls into young men (and boys into young women), so I can see their point. *eyeroll*

  • Tigerdub says:

    So then my 13 y.o. boy can join the girl scouts?

  • Venturer says:

    Have you looked into the Venture Crew or Sea Scouts, both are co-ed branches of Boy Scouts?

  • maryread says:

    In my Cub Scout pack siblings are allowed to openly participate in all of our pack activities, they are just not allowed to be recognized for their achievements. Sounds like an awesome influence on our boys and girls. Our council allows girls to participate in our summer camp. This isn’t something I contributed to, the council sees that families want to participate together. They’ve been allowing girls to participate for a while now, just not as official members. Whatever you think is going to happen to the Cub Scout program because of girls, has most likely already happened, and wasn’t a significant influence. There are already older girls in BSA, give them an option to start at a younger age.

    If you really want us to take boys away from BSA we can, and are. My BPSA group is co-ed, non-religious and we have more boys than girls. The other group in my area is larger, to the tune of about 30 kids, also with a large amount of kids.

    Don’t change your program, the GS won’t change theirs. But offer the opportunity for the kids to decide, because they are not the same program and do not offer the same types of activities. Just because a ballet class allows boys doesn’t mean they’ll flock to it.

    • GWB says:

      But offer the opportunity for the kids to decide

      Yes, because children are so prepared to make those decisions. *eyeroll*

      Co-ed organizations can NOT, by definition, turn boys into men. They have their place. But what Baden-Powell set out to do is to turn BOYS into MEN. That cannot be done in a group with girls.

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