Hillary Clinton Developing Smarter and More Relevant Campaign for 2016

Hillary Clinton Developing Smarter and More Relevant Campaign for 2016

Hillary Clinton Developing Smarter and More Relevant Campaign for 2016

Well well, would you look at that.  The games afoot.

Clinton still faces many of the same challenges she had seven years ago, when she went from being a juggernaut and most likely the first female president in American history to a perceived stumblebum out of touch with the political moment. A campaign that seemed invincible became known for strategic blunders, an off-putting air of entitlement and infighting among an insular and sometimes inexperienced group of aides.

But backers say this time Clinton is developing a smarter, more relevant campaign message focused on economic opportunity and her lifelong work to better women’s lives. The former secretary of state is also trying to play down any sense of inevitability and aims to adopt many of the same data-focused strategies that Barack Obama used to snatch the race from her in 2008.

Despite all of the gobbledy-gouk that the WaPo is throwing out there about her inevitable run, is there any doubt about what this lady is about or who she really is?  I know exactly where I stand on whether or not this lady should lead the free world; and that is a resounding “NO.”

I wouldn’t let her take me to the mall, let alone lead a country.

Her problems are legion and many, among them having worked for Faux King Barack Obama while he was in office.  Among the other, more notable problems are going to be campaign ads showing her testimony at the Benghazi Hearings, her talking about being “poor” while pulling down $250,000 dollar speaking fees and book advances, and the fact that once again, Bubba will be running amok in the White House and interns will no longer be safe.

Some of her greatest hits…


Now, these moments capture the myriad of reasons that thinking people will not vote for her, but this is an opportunity for the GOP like no other, wherein the entire country can see exactly what liberals and progressives have brought America to.  It comes down to two little words:

We’re Tired…

Liberals are tired of trying to explain why it is they support a guy who can’t seem to keep just one promise or do anything that looks like it borders on competence.  Blacks are tired of 17 percent unemployment, which will only get worse, and they stand pretty well rock solid against gay marriage (although, from their voting record, you wouldn’t know it) and from the the way they treat others blacks who don’t toe the line, there is an unsettled rift in that community.  There lot in life will get exceptionally worse if the Democrats pit illegal aliens who want amnesty against the black community; both of whom they want votes from.

Everyone from all sides knows that she is Barack Obama in a pantsuit.  You can see from just the videos I have put here that she has exactly zero grasp and zero knowledge of what it takes to run a country, which is consistent with why the guy who she is the mirror image of looks the way he does to the world everyday.

Conservatives are tired of the tried and true routes to mediocrity and failure that progressivism brings to everything it touches.  Conservatives are tired of “eat the rich” (without which many don’t have jobs), “climate change” (which mocks them at every turn) and the class warfare that inevitably comes from the rhetoric they spew.  Tired of the ideas that government has the answers (they don’t), and government can fix it (it can’t).

The country is tired of seeing the names “Bush” and “Clinton” on the ballot, and tired of having to comtemplate what that means when it comes to trying to decide how much progressivism versus conservatism they can take when those two names come up in conversations.  The country made it known how it felt in November and we are tired of RINOs parsing and obfuscating by half what the voters want done to turn the ship away from disaster.  Neither of those names is the answer to the problems we have now.

And I can say, I am personally tired of this two faced, lying, know nothing, leftover 1960s radical who just wants so badly to be in power.  It has nothing to do with leading, or solving problems; it has to do with who gets to be the first woman president.  How about we get someone who has some real world experience in solving problems, doesn’t speak out of both sides of their mouth, and might spend more time trying to solve problems and less time on the golf course and who knows how to lead?  Instead of using the ballot box to elect someone to the Office of President by doing the equivalent of checking off the next person down on the affirmative action check off sheet because it is “their turn.”

We have already had one affirmative action presidency, and look how that turned out.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Any of the ladies of this site would be a vast improvement over Madame Mao and all her baggage. At least then I’d have a reason to vote-and actually feel good about it!

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    As has been said, whenever some smarmy, BS-spreading political candidate (or office holder) waxes eloquent about his/her desire to provide you with yet another “free” government service or how he/she desires to be of service to you, just remember that “service” is the same word used to describe what the bull does to the cow.


    • Appalled By The World says:

      Only thing in life that’s free is trouble. And Leftist pols have been handing out “freebies” for quite a long time now.

      It would be nice if voters would realize this-but as I always say; what was once “common” sense is now an exceeding rare commodity.

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