Heroes Of Liberty, Ronald Reagan Are Disruptive Content Per Facebook

Heroes Of Liberty, Ronald Reagan Are Disruptive Content Per Facebook

Heroes Of Liberty, Ronald Reagan Are Disruptive Content Per Facebook

Another day, another social media platform purge. We Conservatives are a dangerous subversive group of deplorables, to the Left, that is. Yesterday, Nina told you about Twitter celebrating 2022 with a purge of Conservative or non-narrative types. Today, Facebook has locked the “ads” portion of the Conservative publishers of the Heroes of Liberty children’s book series. The ads were considered “low quality or disruptive content”.

First, what is “low quality or disruptive content”? Per Facebook:

Ads must not contain content leading to external landing pages that provide an unexpected or disruptive experience. This includes misleading ad positioning, such as overly sensationalized headlines or prompts for users to inauthentically interact with the ad, and leading people to landing pages that contain minimal original content and a majority of unrelated or low quality ad content.

I have seen quite a few FB ads that look like they provide an unexpected or disruptive experience. You know what I do? I scroll right past them. Scrolling is how mature grown ups handle things they don’t like on social media.

What’s the deal with Heroes of Liberty? It is a series of books for ages 7-12. The series features books on Alexander Hamilton, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell and Amy Coney Barrett. Here is what one of the ads on Facebook looked like:

Heroes of Liberty

That’s disruptive content all right. It disrupts the Liberal narrative. And, the Liberals cannot tolerate our disruptions. From Fox News:

“The question is: is a children’s biography of Ronald Reagan no longer permissible on Facebook? We don’t know. But apparently promoting one may well kill a business,” Heroes of Liberty editor and board member Bethany Mandel told FOX Business on Sunday.

“We began investing in Facebook four months before we launched our first book,” she added. “We invested most of our marketing budget on the platform, and now our budget (the money we’ve already spent), as well as our assets and data are gone. Marketing-wise we are back in square one, financially it’s even more challenging.”

Mandel confirmed that the ads account remained disabled. She hesitated to describe the move as an example of anti-conservative bias on the part of Facebook.

“We are not in politics, we are in the business of creating beautiful stories about great people that will entertain children and give them life lessons,” she said. “To cancel children’s books because they celebrate American values that 90% of Americans believe in isn’t even anti-conservative bias, it’s anti-American. Pure madness.”

Bethany Mandel was interviewed mid-December by Liz Wheeler about the Heroes of Liberty series.

The Heroes of Liberty series is not just fight the Goliath of children’s publishing, Scholastic, but all Big Tech. Have you read any of the dreck published for children by Scholastic? It’s not just the wokieness. It’s the simplistic language, sentence structure and stories. It’s like children’s stories written by adults who don’t like children.

Bethany Mandel loves children. She and her husband, Seth Mandel, is the executive editor of the Washington Examiner magazine. They have five children:

They have five children to raise, tens of thousands of Twitter followers to educate and entertain, and a nation to convince to have more children.

Bethany, a Deseret contributor, wrote about the pleasures of large families for Deseret Magazine earlier this year. “I look at my (then) four kids, and by golly, I like them. It makes me want more,” she wrote. After reading the piece, some people wrote her to say they’d decided to have another child.

Advocating for families — large families, in particular — has become a sort of mission for the couple, faithful Jews who traveled markedly different paths to arrive at this stage of life. “I joke that I see myself as PR for Big Family, like Big Tech or Big Oil,” Bethany said.

I am happy to have a Conservative, homeschooling Mom edit books about our heroes, rather than one of the bloodless, desiccated hags that write much of what I have read the last couple of years.

In February, the Heroes of Liberty book on John Wayne will be coming out, get your order in now:

As President Reagan said:

If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.

We need more Heroes of Liberty with disruptive content, not fewer.

Featured Image: Edalisse Hirst/Flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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