Healthcare Vote Today will be a Craptacular Mess

Healthcare Vote Today will be a Craptacular Mess

Healthcare Vote Today will be a Craptacular Mess

The United States House of Representatives will, today, vote on a repeal, replace, make a lot worse, really muck up healthcare bill. Both the vote and the healthcare bill itself will be a craptacular mess.

Reps. Fred Upton and Billy Long, center, leave the White House Wednesday.

How did this unholy mess make it out of committee and garner enough votes from the different Republican groups like the Tuesday Morning Group and the Freedom Caucus? We have two flyover country congressman to thank for going to President Trump with a last minute $8 billion dollar pre-existing condition fix. Representative Fred Upton of Michigan and Representative Bill Long of Missouri, both Republicans came up with this “fix”.


Reps. Billy Long, R-Mo., and Fred Upton, R-Mich., are proposing an amendment to add $8 billion over five years to help subsidize high-risk insurance pools in states that opt out of Affordable Care Act rules in a way that could allow insurers to raise rates on people with pre-existing conditions.

Health insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions has been the main sticking point during extended negotiations among Republicans.

Conservative Republicans have insisted on a proposal that would allow states to receive a waiver for Obamacare’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions and instead create a separate high-risk pool. Some moderate Republicans, like Upton, insist that the plan have protections similar to those provided by the ACA.

I may not be as educated as these folks are but, that is not insurance. That is called subsidized care or an entitlement. Let’s call things by their right names, please. I don’t trust Fred Upton (R-MI). Last time that Fred made national news it was to ban the incandescent bulb. Hey Fred, come to my house and pick up the box of mercury laden bulbs we have.


Watch this youtube video as CNN’s Jake Tapper sneers his way through the description of how this craptacular mess came to be: has its knickers in a twist over the fact that the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t scored the Republican bill yet.

The House of Representatives will vote on the American Health Care Act, the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, on Thursday in the early afternoon. House Republicans are hurtling toward a vote on a bill that is disliked by most Americans, opposed by nearly every major health care group, and not yet scored by the Congressional Budget Office.

This is an unusual situation, and a puzzling one. Republicans will vote tomorrow for a health care bill without knowing how many people it covers or how much it would cost. They risk setting themselves up for embarrassment when the numbers actually do come out and don’t look good.

No. Dear Vox: The Congressional Budget Office does not use dynamic scoring. Any budget number the CBO comes up with is bogus. Sincerely, Me

Everyone has an anecdotal story. Nina Bookout wrote about Jimmy Kimmel and his son’s heartbreaking story. Obamacare was written to fail. Any healthcare law that doesn’t include tort and compliance reform is not made for the doctors or patients.

Insurance firms make money by betting on risks. They cannot, therefore, insurance everyone. To set up a system that takes care of those with pre-existing conditions makes sense. Having a healthcare law as a camel built by committee with “Other Peoples’ Money” (aka OPM) being handed out like candy makes no sense. $130 billion plus another $8 billion over five years. That is a ton of money. Who is getting this money? It’s not getting to the patients or providers. Is it going to insurance companies? Is it going to bureaucrats? Compliance officers?

This makes no sense whatsoever. Terminal idiot Nancy Pelosi is partially right. This craptacular mess is an insult to the American people, but then so are our elected representatives.

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  • GWB says:

    Hey Fred, come to my house and pick up the box of mercury laden bulbs we have.

    I’ve pondered mailing mine to Congress…….

    They cannot, therefore, insurance everyone.


    To set up a system that takes care of those with pre-existing conditions makes sense.

    If we make the term “congenital” then I’ll agree with you. Otherwise, “pre-existing” really only means “at the moment you sign up for a new policy”, and that makes *everyone* ultimately eligible.

    Of course, if they would simply repeal all the crap legislation and regulations that make health “insurance” into managed care, and let it return to a market (and real insurance), most of that would be fixed.
    After all, you shouldn’t have to pay a premium every month so you can go see the doctor when you have the sniffles. If I could simply take the premiums I and my employer pay for “insurance” and put it into the bank (solely for use as medical funds), I could pay for my own CAT scan machine by now – and easily still pay for every doctor visit I’ve had in the last 10 years in cash.

    • Toni Williams says:

      GWB- For what we pay congress, they should come pick up our light bulbs.
      Sorry about the boo boo. My editing skills are also craptacular.
      I agree Congenital is the way to go. Both my mother and father have/had hypothyroidism. My sister and brother also have the condition. The odds that I would also get hypothyroidism were pretty darn good I did. That should be built into my insurance costs.

      Btw, I had to see the doctor last month to get my Levothyroxine refilled. See the doctor, basic health check and full blood work up. I paid cash. $115. To me, that is cheap at twice the price. My health is more important than the latest cellphone and all the rest.


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