Gavin Newsom IS The Savior Of The Democrat Party

Gavin Newsom IS The Savior Of The Democrat Party

Gavin Newsom IS The Savior Of The Democrat Party

The Democrat Party is saved. Hallelujah! Thanks to the Great Red vs. Blue State Debate a savior has been delivered unto the Democrat Party. Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the formerly Great State of California has descended from the Fair Oaks area of Sacramento to shine his Chiclet teeth veneers on the masses and bring them the star shine of power forever. We know this because three, count them three, Democrat writers have told us so through the website of The Hill.

In just over 24 hours, The Hill carried three writers singing the praises of Newsom. Let us ponder the wonder of these three and the praise they heap on him.

Doug Schoen and the Barak Praise

No, not the former Oval Office guy. This Barak means to kneel down before. Schoen surely supplicates himself before the light that is Newsom:

Indeed, not only did Newsom hold his own against a Republican opponent and a conservative moderator — Sean Hannity — but his aggressive, impassioned defense of Biden’s record, and promotion of his own views on hot-button issues such as abortion, immigration and foreign policy, should serve as the bedrock of Democrats’ campaign.

Further, while DeSantis often came off as whiny or defensive, Newsom seemed authentic and intelligent on the issues, in a way that Biden himself has struggled with when talking to voters.

To that end, it was impossible to watch the debate and not notice the sharp contrast in Newsom’s well-articulated, energetic style with that of President Biden, who just turned 81 and would be 86 at the end of a second term.

On the economy, a critical vulnerability for Biden and Democrats, Newsom offered a credible defense of the president’s economic policies and did so in a convincing way that Biden has been unable to do, as shown by a dismal 38 percent approval on the economy, per RealClearPolitics.

Joe and Gavin both went to the AOC school of Economics. If gas costs you $2.00/ gallon and it suddenly goes up to $5.00, when it comes down to $4.00, you are not better off by $1.00. You are still down by $2.00. How are the lower income employees going to get to work or take their kids to school, fool.

Judy Mueller and the Halal praise:

Halal means to praise clamorously. That would be our Miss Mueller. She is unstinting in her praise for Newsom.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is cementing his status as a star in the Democratic Party, emerging as a top defender of President Biden and lifting his national profile amid speculation about future White House ambitions.

Newsom has become a standout surrogate for Biden as he steps further into the national spotlight, fending off concerns about the president’s age and touting the administration’s accomplishments. His recent Fox News debate against 2024 candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) adds to evidence Newsom is placing himself squarely in the public eye as a leading Democratic figure.

Yes. Hallelujah! We have fresh meat. Slicked back hair, a bespoke suit and he’s under 80, yeehaw.

Finally, Bill Press and the shabach praise.

Shabach praise is loud and strong. And Bill Press is in love with his savior:

What might that dream ticket look like? Well, last week, on Fox News, we got a peek: “The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate,” a manufactured-for-prime-time, 90-minute match-up between Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

When the slugfest finally and mercifully crawled to a close, many observers were left wondering why DeSantis even agreed to the exchange in the first place. He hadn’t won any of three debates with his fellow 2024 GOP candidates so far. Now he’d lost another one, to someone who wasn’t even running for president.

For Newsom, the Fox format was a win-win. He did more than outwit, outtalk and outshine DeSantis. He enhanced his own reputation and national profile. He provided a role model for Democratic leaders. And he showed Democrats exactly how they should gear up for 2024.

This could be very true:

The Democrat Party Savior lost the Poop App portion of the competition.

Oops. That could be a problem. Republicans may be from Mars, but Democrats are from Uranus. Savior, indeed.

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  • Citizen Tom says:

    DeSantis did fine.

    The real problem with that debate is that few people watched it. Since you have some sort of access to Fox News, not everyone can watch it even if they want to do so.

    DeSantis had the more difficult job. He had to master the facts and present them to his audience in a coherent manner with few words. He did that fairly well.

    Newsom, on the other hand just needed to lie convincingly without any sign of shame. If you or I had been lying all our lives, we would be good at it too. As a gifted orator, Newsom was frighteningly good.

    Newsom’s problem is that the facts, numerous and readily apparent facts, don’t agree with his preferred narrative. DeSantis directly accused Newsom of lying, and he pointed to lies that were so obvious that anyone who watched the debate could easily figure out Newsom is a liar. Unfortunately, only about six million people watched the debate, and these people are hard core. Since very few of the Democrats who watched the debate will admit Newsom lied, Newsom will continue to go on about his business, and he will get credit for boldly defending the Democratic Party against the prominent MAGA Republican governor on Fox News.

    Will DeSantis benefit? That depends upon how important most Republicans think it is that DeSantis can spar off against a sleazy lizard like Newsom and still effectively present his message.

    Like it or not, fighting Democrat demagogues requires getting in a debate with them and confronting them directly when they rake up muck and sling it. And that is what DeSantis did, and he acquitted himself well.

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