#FutureDavidHoggCareer As We See It

#FutureDavidHoggCareer As We See It

#FutureDavidHoggCareer As We See It

David Hogg may never be satisfied when the national spotlight fades. We feel that with a little work he could succeed in a smaller venue. As long as he remembers to shut up and play

Fourth in our series.




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  • Liz says:

    Spring Break in Florida is almost over and these children need to return to school next week. Please, please God let these kids be forced to go back to school and their school work so that the rest of the USA can get a break. I am not sure if they are allowed to tweet from class or to do interviews remotely from the school but I am confident with the different voices coming out this week that there will be more voices at that school than the “marcher group” who did not organize that march….that was a professional job done by adults who know how to pull permits in D.C. and set up sound stages, etc. DACA in January and February….now these kids in February and March…..Lord what will April bring?

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