Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

It’s the Friday before Christmas. Let this week’s challenge image inspire your imagination of Christmas past, present or future. You have 100 words to craft your tale.

I’ll start with a story …


“Almost done,” tissue crinkled as she lifted the ornament.

“You saved a special spot on the tree,” there was a smile in his voice.

“Of course!” Silvered, blown glass. Once placed she stepped back to admire. “Your first gift for our first Christmas.”

“How has it survived all these years?”

“Remember when the boys knocked the tree over with their trikes? I almost fainted!”

He chuckled, “Now little Lucy!”

“Granddaughters are different. One day, this’ll be her’s.”

His lips warm on her forehead. The reflection in the ornament was only of her, but he was with her all the same.


Now, it’s your turn.

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  • Tim says:

    He joined the Army in 1990. He was coming home for the last time, just in time for Christmas. He gave his wife a power of attorney, and she bought the house of their dreams, so he would come home to the last house they would ever live in. When he opened the door, and saw his grandmother’s ornaments on the tree, he knew his heart was right when he first saw his wife in middle school math class. No one else would know how much it meant to him, and they would never spend another Christmas apart.

  • nicole says:

    Oh, the Holiday Season, one of Faith’s favorite times of the year. The tree was hung and decorated with shiny new and old custom or hand made ornaments by her children. The shopping was done and the gifts were wrapped. She loved to shop anytime of year, so Christmas was extra special to her, because she could go crazy and use the holiday as an excuse.. She was taking a breather from all the preparations for the festive party she and her husband host each year, when it hit her! That bracelet that her daughter had wanted ever since she saw it in the store window walking down Rodeo Drive, she hadn’t wrapped!!! BUT, where was it,, She knew she went on-line, the moment they got home from a day of pampering and bought it. She also received confirmation that it was delivered..
    Oh, the holiday season!! There was someone else that wanted that bracelet more than my daughter because they scooped the package right off the front porch. UH-oh..
    No worries, I have them on camera.. I used the power of social media and started my mission to find them and retrieve the one gift that was certain to make my daughter smile on Christmas morning, Don’t mess with Mom and the happiness of her children.

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