Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Fire is our greatest friend and our fiercest enemy. Can your fiction writing today do this image justice? That is your challenge.

I’ll start with a story

Ferreting out and seeking the forbidden was something she had done, often recklessly, since her first memory. Part of her nature, her tutors, even her Key-yu, sought to strengthen it while teaching her to control and become wise in its use.

So there was no excuse of ignorance to why she came to this place, to giving in to the implacable call.

They knew too and they were rewarded by their patience.

She fled so fast she hadn’t time for self-recrimination, but she did mourn for the town the M’lak was destroying to punish her. Mourned bitterly and plotted revenge.


Now, it is your turn.

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  • Pining4 says:

    Unintended consequences. The conceit of those who style themselves “protectors of the earth.” Hubris. Call it what you will, but the result of sixty years of fire suppression and “forest management” was a massive tinderbox of ready fuel, biding it’s time and awaiting sweet, sweet release. Now that time had come. It was glorious.

    The Leviathan of the deep did not know about the charred forests. It could not see the hundred-foot walls of flame. It did not care how many acres were lost. All it cared about was its precious food supply, the plastic which magically sank deep to its prowling grounds. The milk jugs, the toys, the tiny straws- all were lovely and all were eaten voraciously. But now, for reasons it did not understand, that food was becoming scarce, and the beast grew angry. It would feed, one way or another. And it would be glorious.

  • Laureen says:

    Friday Fiction:

    When he hurled the fireworks into the parched canyon, I laughed.

    What was so funny? My desperation for him to love me, apparently.

    This mountain had always been a part of me. Summers on the trails, watching the squirrels play hide and seek. Camping in autumn, with the mountain’s canopy of colors, the musky smell of moist leaves, boisterous blue jays flocking. In spring, everything was new again, as if Mother Nature finally exhaled after holding her breath during the near lifeless, frigid winter months.

    Days later, as the mountain still burned, so did my heart. My soul. And I was alone.

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  • Brian Brandt says:

    Tibbits, the computer and audio/visual specialist, walked in and dropped the DVD on my desk.

    “All done. The Major wanted a 200 missile strike to keep the overnight shift on its toes.” He pulled a 48-hour pass request out of his pocket and handed it to me. “Could you please sign this, Sarge, so I can make the bus into town? I got a date with that waitress I met last Saturday.”

    I scribbled my name and turned back to the pile of reports I was working on. I glanced at the DVD and turned around in my chair. “Hey, Corporal, did you mark it “This Is A Drill?”

    But he was already out the door.

  • Dave says:

    “What’s his story?”

    The detective sighed. “He said the man and woman were standing there, laughing at the fire. He asked them what was so funny, and they said they started it.”

    “Started what, the North-Shore fire?”

    “Yeah,” sighed the detective. “Said ‘they’ said they ‘started it with love’. That he – the man – said, ‘I love you’ and that she – the woman – replied ‘love you more’ and that’s how the fire started.”

    “And the South-Shore fire?”

    “Well,” sighed the detective, “He said it started the same way.”

    “Book ‘em on arson, and stop sighing. You did good finding this guy.”

  • Frank says:

    A forest in great distress, no longer home to countless lives forced to flee, seemingly all aglow, flames roaring, hot embers eerily floating, to continue the conflagration until all that could sustain it is consumed. Human carelessness or divine providence was the flash point for ignition and readily compliant tinder provided the fuel needed to advance a deadly, determined and unstoppable march until fire faced water, a relentless foe and ended further progress. No wind has stirred the water it seems, from the firestorm above, and shields those great and small, sheltered serenely with cool tranquility, below its impenetrable surface.

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