France had an “Unknown” attacker try to run over soldiers

France had an “Unknown” attacker try to run over soldiers

France had an “Unknown” attacker try to run over soldiers

France has had an awful time with Daeshbags, also known as ISIS. Recently there was an attack by a Moroccan Daeshbag on a supermarket.

France has responded reactively to these acts of terror. They are badly profiling possible hostiles and are failing to stop attacks. Because, like all bullies everywhere, Daesh/ISIS strikes a weak target. The most recent known attack was in Carcassone March 23rd by a gunman attacking a supermarket. And he was howling Allah Ackbar while doing so. And then there was today. Reuters reports on this here.

French police arrested a man suspected of driving a stolen car at a group of soldiers jogging outside their base in the foothills of the Alps on Thursday, a police source said.

A spokesman for the army’s land regiments based in the Isere region told Reuters soldiers had told police the driver first passed them shouting abuse in Arabic, before returning and trying to run them down. No one was hurt in the incident.

France is not jumping the gun and calling it terrorism. Yet. But this charming individual first cussed at the soldiers in Arabic, then returned 30 minutes later to run them down. Smells a lot like terror.

The BBC has a little more information here.

The driver shouted in Arabic at the soldiers before the attack, and sped off afterwards in what reports said was a stolen Peugeot 208.

If it smells like a pig, acts like a pig (with apologies to the porcine creators of lovely bacon for any insult) then it probably is a pig. Yes, the insult to Daesh is intentional. Daesh is not Islam, but they, like every other knucklehead, have a very loud voice helped by the media.

The incident comes as victims of a hostage-taking at a supermarket in the south-western town of Trèbes are being buried.

The gunman, Radouane Lakdim, began his attacks on 23 March near Carcassonne by firing at local police officers who were out for a jog, injuring one of them.

This looks awfully familiar to me. Thankfully, none of the soldiers were hurt and this animal was caught before any innocent people were harmed.

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  • GWB says:

    Daesh is not Islam
    Oh, I disagree. It doesn’t have to be how islam is interpreted, but it is the most fundamentalist reading of the Koran and the Hadith. But it certainly IS islam.

    And, again, I’ll toss out the idea that this is NOT terrorism because it attacks military personnel, on duty.
    It IS an act of war, however. And our biggest failing is not understanding that they are at war with us.

    • Gail Boer says:

      You are right GWB but the media and government types aren’t there yet. To the despair of Charles Martel. Thanks!

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