Fort Bragg, NC Is Now Fort Liberty, Ugh

Fort Bragg, NC Is Now Fort Liberty, Ugh

Fort Bragg, NC Is Now Fort Liberty, Ugh

The largest, by population, military installation in the United States Fort Bragg, North Carolina is now Fort Liberty, North Carolina. The home of the 82nd Airborne, 18th Airborne Corps and Special Operations Command outside of Fayetteville no longer bears the name of a Confederate General. The base has been purged of every mention. The new colors have been uncased. Hooah! Salute smartly and carry on.

Before we begin our journey from Fort Bragg to Fort Liberty, I must state that while I have two loved ones at that military installation, I have talked to neither of them about the name change. I do not know their thoughts on the subject and all opinions are strictly my own.

We know that Fort Bragg was named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg, a North Carolina native.. The suspicion has been that it was named so as a racist symbol. The name was designated in 1918 while Thomas Walter Bickett, a Democrat, was the Governor, so I would not be surprised.

Before this name change, I doubt very many of the soldiers at Fort Bragg could tell you for whom or why the installation was named. Nor did they likely care. The people that cared were all in Washington, D.C. In my experience, the soldiers care that they are the 82nd Airborne, or 18th Airborne or JSOC or USASOC. The place is almost cult-like in their pride. I do not mean this as an insult. My husband and I both spent our formative careers in a cult-like soap company. We loved it. Not everyone at Fort Bragg is Airborne. Those that are love it. The songs (Gory, Gory; All American Soldier), the stories about bad jumps or the one when the Colonel called you just after your parachute opened are hysterical and terrifying. The commitment to perfection is glorious. I am not saying they aren’t sh*tbags there. Sh*tbags are everywhere. I just so admire the commitment to excellence I saw at Bragg.

If Fort Liberty maintains and improves upon the “All the Way” commitment to excellence, no one will talk about the old name much in the future. That’s what the soldiers love. Not the name of the place. They love jumping out of planes or helicopters and being the best. Are you listening, Department of Defense? You have recruiting and retention programs? Soldiers of every religion, race, ethnicity or nation of origin who join the Army want to be the best and have that be their focus.

Here is the ceremony with General Christopher Donahue leading. He was the last man out of Hamid Karzai International Airport and was controversial during his time there:

Never forget:

I appreciate the time and care that was taken in the name change:

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Lt. Gen. Chris Donahue, XVIII Airborne Corps commanding general opened a ceremony Friday morning with, “Welcome to Fort Liberty, the center of the universe,”
Donahue was the main speaker at the event which marked the official name change of North Carolina’s largest military installation. The name Fort Bragg, which referenced a Confederate general from Warrenton, was retired in favor of Fort Liberty, a name Donahue said reflects the ethos of those who serve.

“It’s a community – it’s veterans, it’s members of the community, it’s Gold Star parents, it’s active duty, it’s all of you,” he said. “We were given a mission. We accomplished that mission. We made ourselves better.”
The change came as part of an initiative by the Department of Defense to rename nine military installations bearing the names of confederate soldiers.
The new name, Donahue said, was suggested by a Gold Star mother who spoke up during public hearings on the change.
“My son died for liberty. We have to think bigger, be better,” Patti Elliot told those decision makers. Her son, Spec. Luca Elliot, was a military police officer. He was killed in 2011 by a roadside bomb during his second deployment in Iraq.
Donahue told the assembled troops and guests that Elliot inspired a new look at the history of the post.
On Friday, she said the name change extends a legacy built over decades by thousands who have served.
“It’s also the thousands and thousands yet to come,” she said. “With a name like liberty, you’re honoring all of them.”
“Liberty has always been here,” Donahue told the assembled crowd.

I appreciate Mrs. Elliott’s input. I cannot image her daily pain. I also understand not wanting to rename Fort Bragg after another hero. If they named it Fort Gavin or Fort Dunwoody, those individuals might someday fall afoul of the current zeitgeist and the base would have to be renamed again.

There were at least two other options that were so obvious, it’s sad. Everyone at Fort Bragg wear’s the AA patch for “All Americans”. Fort All Americans isn’t bad. It pays homage to the past and honors the future. The other phrase is “Honor”. Fort Honor. The 82nd Airborne is “America’s Guard of Honor”. They were given that name by General Patton, who knew something about fighting a war and never kvetched because someone else did it better. But, what the renamers really hate is the superiority of the team at Bragg:

The Army is spending about $6 million purging every sign of Bragg from Liberty while our soldiers live in moldy barracks and some qualify for food stamps. Never mind, it’s Fort Liberty now. Hooah! Salute smartly and carry on.

Featured Image: Wikipedia/cropped/Creative Commons

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  • Peter York says:

    naturally I oppose all left-wing efforts to erase our past…

    …but Braxton Bragg was a miserable failure as general in the western theatre: everyone hated him and officers ignored him.

    naming a fort in his honor fifty years after the war seems purely a piece of the ‘lost cause’ fiction, and in no way does Bragg deserve the honor.

  • GreyHammer says:

    Well, I’m from eastern NC. Fort Bragg was not named to honor Bragg or some lost cause, the bases in the South were named after Confederate figures to help bring the South back into the Union and soften the impact of Union bases located there. Good example of rewriting history there.

  • Mark E. Meyer says:

    Why not call it “FORT LIBTARDY”, to reflect the Marxist ideology promoting this type of divisive behavior directed to undermine our Nation from within the Gates!!!

  • Mad Celt says:

    Close them all. Return the ushering of militias to the states and out of the feds hands.

  • Hate_me says:

    Not “[e]veryone at Fort Bragg wears the AA patch….”

    The 82nd is certainly a very distinguished element and the main conventional force on the base – but their SSI is hardly representative of Fort Bragg as a whole.

  • Frank McCarthy says:

    Nice article like the tone, well guess the paper pushers in DC feel much better now?
    Provided a tremendous service, eradicating American history from one side anyway? Says so much about the “healing” does it not? Guess they ram out of staties to disfigure and defile?

  • Cameron says:

    Fort All Americans isn’t bad.

    “But what about the minorities who are migrants that are immagrationally challenged? They’ll see that as saying they aren’t welcome!”

    “Fort Honor”

    “Honor is a creation of wy soopremasy! It’s saying that African Americans and LGBTOMGWTFBBQ people aren’t honorable when they have may have a different system!”

  • American Human says:

    I’m waiting for a fort to be renamed Fort George Floyd.

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