Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s dog murdered

Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s dog murdered

If this story doesn’t get your blood boiling, then nothing will.

All it took was the gunshot fired outside his Walker County home to trigger training ingrained in former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor of a dramatic battle in Afghanistan in 2005.

He did a sweep through the house. Checked on his mother. And bolted out the door, where he found dead his beloved Labrador retriever, Dasy, a dog given to him to help him recover from his own wounds and the loss of his fellow Navy comrades.

“I could tell she tried to get away because there was a blood trail,” Luttrell recalled in a phone interview Wednesday. “When I saw she was dead, the only thing that popped into my head was, ‘I’ve got to take these guys out.’ ”

Shrouded in darkness, Luttrell, who’d just been released from the hospital after another round of surgery, crawled under a fence, skirted a ditch and sneaked up on four strangers in a sedan who apparently killed the dog on a whim. Luttrell said they were oblivious as he raised a 9 mm pistol from about 25 yards away and had one of them dead to rights.

But as the car pulled away, he didn’t fire.

Instead, he scrambled back to his pickup and launched what became a wild 40-mile chase that reached speeds of over 100 mph and crossed three counties.

“I did everything right; I didn’t do anything wrong,” he told the Houston Chronicle of the April 1 incident. “Make sure everyone knows they cold-bloodily murdered.”

Luttrell stayed on the line with a 911 emergency operator as he tried to catch the car, which was just a bit too fast for his four-door truck to overtake.

“I told them, ‘You need to get somebody out here because if I catch them I’m going to kill them,’ ” Luttrell recalled telling the operator.

The nighttime killing of a such a special dog played right into Luttrell’s deep wounds.

The 4-year-old yellow Lab was given to him upon his return from the war to help him heal. He named it Dasy as an acronym for his SEAL team members lost in a mighty fight in which they were isolated and far outnumbered by Taliban fighters.

He wrote a book, The Lone Survivor, about the experience.

Luttrell said he still wrestles with what he went through. He doesn’t sleep at night, usually keeping his guard up until sunrise, just in case.

“I don’t talk about it much. I just don’t sleep at night,” he said. “I am in and out of the house all night, going, moving around.”

Luttrell and the men he was chasing were finally stopped by Onalaska Police Department.

Luttrell said he confronted the men. “I was like, ‘Which one of you guys killed my dog?’ ” he said. “They started talking smack.”

The police sent Luttrell home, and the Texas Rangers have been working with the Walker County Sheriff’s Department.

So far, two men have been charged with felonies that could land them in state jail for at least six months.

Michael John Edmonds II, 21, and Alfonzo Hernandez, 24, both of New Waverly, are charged with cruelty to nonlivestock animals. The driver of the vehicle was arrested on suspicion of not having a license.

That story brought tears to my eyes… of both sadness and anger. What kind of sick f*** do you need to be to murder a dog? It’s even worse considering who the dog belonged to, and that the reason Luttrell got the dog was to help him deal with losing his fellow SEALs. He lost his entire team. His dog Dasy was named for four of the men on his team — each letter is for one of their names.

And after they slaughtered his dog, they taunted him. Fortunately, he set the punks straight.

The Texas Rangers arrive and these guys, when the Texas Rangers are taking these guys away, Marcus has held them there by a gun. As the Rangers are taking these guys away, they’re threatening Marcus’ life and saying, “When we get out, we’re coming for you next. First it was your dog. It’s going to be you next. You don’t know who you’re messin’ with.” That’s when Marcus kind of snapped just a little bit and said to the Ranger, “Excuse me, ranger, do you know who I am?” He said, “Yes, sir, Mr. Luttrell, I do.” He said, “You might want to explain to these punks because I could have killed them 600 different ways and if I wanted to kill you guys after what you would have done what you just did to my dog, I would have pulled you down into my basement and I would have tortured you for days and you wouldn’t have died until you begged me for death. So before you start saying you’re going to come after me, you better learn who you’ve just whose dog you just killed.”

Shitheads. There’s really nothing else to say. Marcus Luttrell is a hero whose boots they don’t deserve to lick. He has gone through so much defending this country, and he comes home and this is what happens? I’m also a little curious as to where PETA’s outrage is in this. So far, there’s nothing.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

Hat Tip: Rachel Lucas

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  • Z says:

    As a conservative blogger, you need to watch your terminology; you can’t “murder” a dog, you can only “kill” it. Wouldn’t want PETA using that one against you.

    Stay tough and don’t let tax season get you down.

  • Chris M-G says:

    Let them come after her. They need to be made aware of this BS.

  • Mark says:

    As long as you’re holding that 1911(?), you can say anything you damn well like!!!

    Personally, I’d pay $1000 to watch Mr. Luttrell torture those a**holes!!!

  • Bob says:

    IN a way.. I hope that they *do* get out and go after him.. and he puts a bullet in each of their spineless brains. Typical Hispanic gang banger punks too (saw the photos)

  • Frank White says:

    Man this would make a great movie, but you might have to split it in two parts to tell the whole Lone Survivor story. Navy SEAL survives an ambush, to come home debilitated to his family, only to have his dog killed. Now he has one last mission. Some right winger with connections should get a script rolling on this, It would be a great chance to tell a positive story about the US Military.

  • Shannon in AZ says:

    I wish he hadn’t told those 2 punks who he was. Then, the world could have been lessened of 2 punks when they tried to retaliate against him.

  • Evil Monk says:

    Actually, in some states (OH for one…), it is now considered murder (family pet, same as family). These bastards could get life or face the death penalty if the state has a provision for it.

  • Billy says:

    This story is 2 weeks old, bra strap face, and you are just now featuring it on your blog? I can’t believe CG linked to you for this, bra strap face. I can’t believe they link to you at all, frankly.

  • Maddmedic says:

    This story made my blood boil when I heard it the first time.

    To “Billy”: Internet makes pimply 14 year olds sitting in their Momma’s basement pretty tough now doesn’t it? Go outside, get some sun, quit being a little(emphasis on “little”) prick assed punk.

  • Frank White says:

    Billy, Cassy’s bra strap has more talent then your whole body.

  • Aggie95 says:

    And as it happened in Texas he could have shot all 4 of the pukes and the worse that would have happened would have been cited for littering, or waking any neighbors with the gunshots and screaming

  • Wil says:

    I suppose there have always been two-legged vermin like this. The Bible called them ‘Sons of Belial’ or ‘worthless ones. I understand that in the Old West, it was a legal defense to assert ‘he needed killin.’ And so it is with these animals. I do sincerely hope they come after our SEAL and he does what he is trained to do, but with a solid legal defense. He will, without doubt, have prevented crimes against others that would have happened, had they lived. Semper Fi, Bro — you’ll see DASY and your team mates in Valhalla in the by and by.

  • Human-101 says:

    Wow. WHY? Brainless, heartless, and inhumane; poor Dasy and poor Marcus.
    This Scum floats on top; it has no dept; only searches to attach itself to something; sliming upon, believing it is better than anything or anyone. It has no thought; therefore, no conscious. It is not human; only “The Scum of the Earth.”

  • Mike says:

    Total scumbags, the shooters. I understand how much the dog means to him and his current condition if I was on a jury after he had shot them, I would have let him go. NOW that they are custody, the law takes over.
    BUT IT WAS JUST A DOG. I find it hard to believe killing any dog would be the same legally as if they had killed a human. EVEN police dogs, there are special laws but it’s still killing a police dog.
    I hate the shooters to my core.

  • B Balls says:

    OrSpell Check Your Text
    Language: English (change)

    I would like to know why these men shot his dog in the first place, there’s something missing in this story. Oh by the way they eat dogs in Korea, you can’t say a dog is equil to a human being and cop dogs are not human no matter if it has that status by color of law, if a police dog cam after me I would rip its jaws off. I own a hi-bred dog but as much as I love him I would never place him above another human being, its a frigging dog. The former seal was right in protecting his property. What he said about torturing a human being was being said out of anger but in light of The U.S. government torturing people this could have been a Freudian slip, I lost any respect for this ex seal over that. As Americans we don’t lick any military or law-enforcement personnel boots. This is not Nazi Germany. these men will get a taste of Texas justice any way.

  • tangonine says:

    B Balls,

    You’re an idiot and a jackass. there’s nothing missing: these people were evil. Only thing you’re right about is that the dog isn’t equal to a human: it’s better. Because it’s innocent, you shitbag, and therefore more entitled to our protection. Why would you attach political bullshit (in which you’re completely misinformed, ignorant, and stupid..? I’m guessing stupid) to this story? Are you that much of a tool? really?

    licking boots? wtf are you talking about you idiot? Someone shot his dog. Are you that much of a fking retard you don’t get right from wrong?

  • paul romero says:

    dog killers should be put to death

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