Ferguson: DOJ Says No Federal Charges for Darren Wilson

Ferguson: DOJ Says No Federal Charges for Darren Wilson

Officer Darren Wilson will probably face no federal charges in the shooting of Michael Brown, say insiders, even though the DOJ has not formally announced.  They’ve been investigating whether Wilson willfully violated Brown’s civil rights when he shot Brown.

The ruckus isn’t over, however.  There’s still the other investigation.  Because, RAYCISS.

A separate, broader Justice Department-led investigation into the practices of the Ferguson police department remains open. That investigation, which will examine potential racial bias among officers, has the potential to have more sweeping consequences than any individual criminal prosecutions, experts say.

Now, keep in mind that it’s still not over.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Justice Department lawyers were preparing a memo recommending against prosecuting Wilson, but that the memo was not yet complete and that Holder — who is expected to leave his position within weeks — had not yet made a decision.

Now taking bets on whether Holder drops a YES vote on prosecuting Wilson while he’s packing up his desk and walking out.  Seems like the kind of going away present he’d give.  And regardless of whether you agreed with Wilson’s decision to shoot Brown or not, I don’t know too many people who are thrilled about Ferguson and Oakland ramping up….again.  (Is there anything even left in that neighborhood to loot?)

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  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Gotta keep stirring the pot until November 2016. Can’t let anyone on the Dem Plantation get too uppity and start thinking for themselves outside of the victim-of-Conservative-racism rubric. (Do the Dems live in a rubric cube? Just wondering.)

    Interesting to note that even the Hounds of Holder couldn’t finagle even one eensy teensy weensy issue on which to go all DEFCON 1 and launch missiles at Wilson.

    Says a lot, it does, by their deafening silence. (Holder must be having a stratospheric hissy-fit meltdown over that.)

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