FBI Intimidation Against Pro-Life Activists, Again

FBI Intimidation Against Pro-Life Activists, Again

FBI Intimidation Against Pro-Life Activists, Again

Today’s whistleblower hearing about corruption and bias within the FBI seems particularly timely, especially the testimony of Garret O’Boyle. The FBI has drawn a target on pro-life activists, and O’Boyle is confirming that.

As we know, the Biden DOJ has already tried prosecuting pro-life activists, notably failing to convict Mark Houck over an alleged assault that the DOJ stretched into a claim of blocking access to an abortion clinic. Houck has said he is exploring all his legal options after his family was traumatized during his arrest by the FBI (in which they used a SWAT team to enter the home), and for prosecutorial abuse.

O’Boyle, as a whistleblower, has confirmed that the FBI was intentionally targeting pro-life activists.

O’Boyle told Republicans on the subcommittee in February that a threat tag created after the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision evolved into one targeting opponents of abortion. Under the threat tag, FBI agents were instructed to look into crisis pregnancy centers, he said in an interview. Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), a left-wing anti-abortion group, later alleged that the FBI inserted an informant to investigate its operations.”

Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising is a fascinating pro-life movement. The group is passionately pro-life under the banner of human rights. As their name suggests, their politics are solidly on the left, and they are not religious at all. Their website proudly proclaims their perspective: “Our mission is to achieve socio-political justice for the preborn by mobilizing anti-abortion activists for direct action and opposing elective abortion through a progressive lens.” And you know what? Great! The pro-life movement SHOULD encompass people of political differences in the cause of saving lives. Protecting babies should not be the purview of only one side of the political aisle.

But that isn’t how Democrats see it. Witness how they have chased nearly every pro-life Democrat out of Congress. And witness how the FBI has treated PAAU, by allegedly placing an informant within the group to spy on them.

Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) alleges that an FBI informant infiltrated and recorded their meeting on Jan. 19 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. The individual believed to be an informant, who goes by the name Eric Mike Santos, wasn’t personally known to other attendees, the group said in its Feb. 22 press release.”

(Terrisa) Bukovinac (PAAU Founder and Executive Director) told the (Daily Caller News Foundation) that the group vetted everyone at the Jan. 19 meeting, sending out the address just one hour before the event to avoid pro-abortion activists showing up. Santos’ Facebook page showed him tagged in photos with other pro-life activists, so he was approved. His page has since been deleted.”

“He arrived late to the meeting, was wearing a black mask, and left early, likely a strategy to avoid engagement by any of the legitimate attendees,” PAAU said in its press release. “It is for these reasons and others that ‘Santos’ is believed to be an informant with the FBI and the source of the recording.”

Santos also emailed staff after the meeting for further details about getting involved in the organization, asking for information like the script used to make calls to abortion centers, Bukovinac told the DCNF. Later, a Twitter account using the name “Eric Mike” began following members of the group. One activist commented “good evening mr.federal agent sir.” The account was later deleted.”

PAAU says the recording believed to have been made by Santos was used in court as evidence to show Lauren Handy, PAAU director of activism, violated the terms of her release in an ongoing case, which prevent her from entering an abortion facility. Handy was charged under the FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) last March with eight other pro-life activists for creating “a blockade to stop the Clinic from providing, and patients from obtaining, reproductive health services,” according to the indictment.”

The recording played during the Feb. 21 trial showed Handy speaking about plans for a “nonviolent direct action tactic” on Jan. 21 called #PinkRoseRescue, which involves activists handing out roses and resources inside a clinic building. Handy did not intend to participate in the event herself, according to PAAU.”

When the group arrived on Jan. 21, police were already at the abortion center. Bukovinac told the DCNF the presence was “suspicious,” given that there are 21 other abortion facilities accessible by metro in D.C.”

How CONVENIENT that the police just HAPPENED to be at the VERY PLACE where PAAU was going to protest. And HOW INTERESTING that the FBI is now showing up to the homes of the FAMILY MEMBERS of PAAU activists. “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help,” right???

Elise Ketch is a member of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, a group of mostly left-leaning activists who believe that abortion is the murder of a human child. PAAU particularly gained prominence after the group exposed the bodies of five premie-sized aborted babies, known as “The Five,” from the clinic of Washington, D.C., abortionist Cesare Santangelo.”

The 26-year-old officially joined PAAU in December 2022 after volunteering with the group for a few months.”

On April 18, around 2:45 p.m., FBI agents went to the home of Tracy Ketch, Elise Ketch’s mother. Ring camera footage provided to The Daily Signal shows two women standing on the front porch of Ketch’s childhood home in Woodbridge, Virginia. The women identified themselves as Ashley Roberts and Kathleen Brown.”

“We are both with the FBI,” Roberts told Ketch’s mother. “We just need to speak with her regarding some information that was sent to us.”

When Tracy Ketch informed the agents that Ketch no longer lives at that residence, Roberts asked for Ketch’s residence or phone number.”

“She’s not in any trouble,” Roberts assured Tracy Ketch with a smile, the footage shows. “We just have some information we need to ask her about.”

“We would tell you all the information because, like I said, she’s not in any trouble, but just out of respect for her, we’d like to speak with her first,” Roberts says, adding with a shrug, “and then, if she feels like talking to you, which I’m sure she will because it’s nothing … ”

Yeah, that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

More Ring camera footage viewed by The Daily Signal shows Ketch’s mother stepping onto the front porch and calling her daughter.”

“I have two FBI agents at the front door,” she tells her daughter.”

“FBI agents,” Ketch can be heard repeating, as Roberts breaks into a smile. “Mom, don’t tell them anything.”

“Ok, what do you want me to do?” she asks her daughter. As Ketch speaks, her mother waves the agents off the porch and opens the front door, stress written across her face.”

For her part, Elise Ketch sees this as intimidation.

Elise Ketch told The Daily Signal that she has “no idea what information the FBI was sent” that would require her to talk to them. But she has a few guesses.”

“My colleague at Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, Lauren Handy, is indicted under the FACE Act and is being prosecuted by the federal government,” she said. “It’s plausible that these FBI agents aimed to collect information from me to help build their case against her.”

“While they reassured my mother that I was not in trouble, it’s also possible that they see me as a threat due to my pro-life activism and intended to investigate me,” Ketch speculated. “Yet, to my knowledge, they never attempted to follow up with me or my attorney, so I believe the FBI’s true motive behind their visit to my parents’ home was to intimidate me and my team.”

The visit made her concerned for her family’s safety, Ketch said, adding, “I refuse to back down.”

The interaction on the front porch of the Ketch family home was recorded on Ring cameras, which hilariously contains the moment when Tracy Ketch asks to take a picture of the FBI badges, and the agents refuse because they’re “not allowed” to have their pictures taken. Cameras are everywhere, people! You would think the FBI would know that.

And how interesting that the FBI would send two younger women to speak to the mother of someone they would “just like to talk to.” They tried the cutesy and non-threatening approach with the mom, in hopes of getting some information. However, Ketch smartly shut the whole thing down when she told her mother to not talk to them.

Between the whistleblower testimony and the evidence from the Ring cameras at the Ketch home, it is obvious that DOJ has intentionally weaponized the FBI to go after pro-life activists. We’ve always known that abortion was one of the highest tenets to the Democrats. Their alleged targeting of PAAU seems more than intentional – it feels personal. This group, which espouses progressive politics, is pro-life because of their belief that human rights begin before birth. The rest of the left can’t deal with that. They so easily dismiss those on the right for their religious beliefs regarding life in the womb, but to be challenged from the left, that life is a human right? They have no arguments for that. So their only answer is apparently to use the FBI to try and destroy them.

We are in very deep trouble when federal law enforcement is found to be targeting American citizens on the basis of political disagreements over human rights and life. Very. Deep. Trouble.

Featured image via Federal Bureau of Investigation on Flickr, cropped, public domain

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