Fake Hate Letters Make Things Worse For All

Fake Hate Letters Make Things Worse For All

Fake Hate Letters Make Things Worse For All

How many times has it been said that whenever a “hate crime” is reported, one has to wait for all the evidence to come in, because so many times, these end up being fake?

Well, just this week, we have two more stellar examples of fake hate for attention. This is not willful misinterpretation, as in the cases of exercise ropes in Oakland or Bubba Wallace’s garage pull “noose.” This is outright lying, and then being caught, in the style (if not the scale) of Jussie Smollett.

First was a former political candidate in Umatilla County, Oregon, who reported that he had received a “hate letter.”

The letter is laced with derogatory and racist terms and addressed to Jonathan Lopez.”

In one line from the letter, the author said, “Don’t waste your time trying to become anything in this county we will make sure you never win and your family suffers along with all the other f****** Mexicans in the area!” The letter ends by stating, “Sincerely, America!”

In his post, Jonathan writes about the experience of receiving the letter and his background as a person. Jonathan states, “Many don’t know me or who I am and where I stand. As an American born man who served in the USCG, fire and rescue services. I’m also proud of where my parents and grandparents were born and raised, Mexico. I have lived a life full of obstacles and challenges Including racism. There is no room or tolerance of that.”

Jonathan Lopez had run for county commissioner, but had lost in the primary. How convenient that he just happened to receive such a letter after losing his primary race! Naturally, he posted the letter on Facebook and got the attention he desired, and then turned the letter over to the police to investigate who would write such a thing.

Turns out, the person who would write that letter was also named Jonathan Lopez, and his fake letter is going to land him in a world of hurt.

Chief Jason Edmiston tells KEPR-TV News that the criminal investigation for second-degree intimidation due to the racist, hate-filled letter received by Jonathan Lopez on June 23 has been closed. The matter will be referred this week to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office for initiating a false report – a Class A misdemeanor in Oregon.”

Edmiston says the investigation has shown that Jonathan Lopez wrote the letter himself and made false statements to the police and on social media. The end result is a verbal and written admission by Lopez that the letter was fabricated.”

Additionally, the Hermiston Police are sending the Office of the District Attorney verifiable information of potential election fraud as it pertains to the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 and other false credentials presented by Mr. Lopez during his run for county commissioner. This in conjunction with a lengthy criminal history record may result in the filing of additional charges.”

The fake hate letter may only get a misdemeanor charge, but add Stolen Valor on to that with a criminal history? Wow. At the very least, this guy has no political future ahead of him, even in Oregon.

The second fake hate incident comes from Texas A&M University, where a student claimed that “racist notes” were left on his windshield back in June. Well, the police reviewed the security camera footage, and will this come as a surprise to anyone?

School officials offered a $1,200 reward on June 25 for any evidence that identified the person who wrote “All lives matter, “You don’t belong here,” and “n—r” messages before leaving them on senior Isaih Martin’s windshield.

A College Station cop who watched surveillance footage from a nearby pool camera say that what they witnessed implicated Mr. Martin himself as the culprit.

“Martin immediately walks to the passenger side of his vehicle, but does not open any doors,” a local CBS affiliate reported Thursday while citing the department’s report. “Martin is seen toward the front of his vehicle. A brief white speck is seen from about mid-torso of Martin moving toward his vehicle. Another white speck is seen near his chest area. Martin is then seen stepping back and onto the sidewalk in front of his vehicle, most likely taking photos and videos. He then approaches his vehicle again on the passenger side and remains there for a few moments. He is then seen walking around the front of his vehicle. Martin then enters the driver’s door and drives away a few moments later. The total time spent at his vehicle is 1 minute, 15 seconds.”

And why did Martin think he could get away with this? Apparently, he thought there were no surveillance cameras in the area.

He now says on Twitter (his tweets are now protected) that he stopped working with the police on this case.

For his part, the 21-year-old student told Twitter followers on Thursday that he has “stopped working with the cops” and has consulted an attorney.”

“I’m in a predicament where the topic of the case was let’s find out who did this to them pointing the finger at me,” the student wrote. “In the end, I stopped talking to them because it seemed they were more interested in me getting the blame for this hate crime instead of finding the actual person who did it.”

However, the case, as far as campus police are concerned, is closed because Martin never filed an actual police report to begin with. No police report, no charges of filing a fake police report later. So he got all the positive attention of being a “victim,” and none of the legal consequences. I’ll say this much, he’s smarter than Jonathan Lopez.

We are routinely being told that America is such a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad, racist country. Then why are fake hate crimes being reported? If this country is so hateful, why did these incidents get both media AND police attention?

We have become a nation of children screaming for attention. And some want that attention and pats on the head any way they can get them – even up to lying for it and pushing fake hate on us all. Is it little wonder that the first thought upon hearing these stories reminds one of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? Eventually, one of these local news reports of a “hate crime” might be true… but no one will care any longer because they’ve been burned too often.

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