Ellen Lives Her Kindness Message

Ellen Lives Her Kindness Message

Ellen Lives Her Kindness Message

Ellen DeGeneres went to a Dallas Cowboys football game on Sunday. And she sat next to former President George W. Bush.

What’s more, she ENJOYED HERSELF. Quelle horreur!!!! Someone stop this insanity, screamed the unhappy leftists on Twitter!

Parker Molloy of Media Matters went on an especially crazed rant, but deleted everything when she was called out. And I mean everything – she looks to have wiped her entire Tweet history.

Back to Ellen and W. God forbid that people of opposite politics have a good time together! Who said that was allowed, cried the tribalist scolds. (So much for that George W. Bush nostalgia, right?)

Well, Ellen went on her show and addressed what happened. You see, when she said, “be kind to everyone,” she ACTUALLY MEANT IT.

This is apparently a new and radical concept to people. MAYBE if we were kinder to each other, even when we disagree with each other, we would have a nicer, calmer, more well-adjusted society! (Also, that initial shot of W. as Ellen swings her cell phone camera around is absolutely hysterical.)

Conservatives are just fine with this and applauding Ellen. It’s the left that is still in full angry freakout mode. And then Chris Cillizza of CNN attempted to “help” Ellen by saying that her friendship with George W. Bush was REALLY about being anti-Trump! Could we get a medical check on Cillizza, because I think he might have sprained something while stretching for this take.

What DeGeneres is advocating there is sort of anti-Trumpism in its purest form. Because what this President represents, more than any issue stance or policy position, is the idea that people who disagree with you are to be mocked, to be villainized, to be bullied. If you disagree with Trump on, well, anything, you are his enemy. The only way to be in his good graces — and therefore, in the good graces of those who support him — is to agree with him on absolutely everything.”

Ummm, has Cillizza actually looked at leftist Twitter recently? All those people screaming about Bush being a “war criminal” and accusing Ellen of being “too rich to understand the struggle“? Apparently not. And he actually thinks this started with Trump. That’s adorable.

The left would love to sic the “cancel culture” on Ellen. However, she made no apologies and stood firm in her message of kindness. That takes some moral fortitude in today’s day and age. And yes, she’s Ellen DeGeneres, and she doesn’t need to fear the “cancel culture.” But it is nice to see someone, left or right, rich or poor, celebrity or unknown, stick to their core beliefs. Ellen believes in kindness. I can get behind that message.

Featured image: Ellen DeGeneres, screenshot via The Ellen Show on YouTube

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  • Chad Irby says:

    If the Left seriously goes after Ellen, they’re in for a very rude awakening.

    Centrists tend to LOVE Ellen. Leftists love her. Right-wingers love her.

    Ellen D has probably done more to “normalize” homosexuality than every activist, combined.

  • steve walsh says:

    Good for Ellen. Classy and true.

    Thanks for publishing this, I’m not on Twitter, and don’t watch Ellen, so wouldn’t have known otherwise.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    And I suspect that she’s all the happier for being nice.

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