‘Drag is holy’? Christ is Not A Sock Puppet

‘Drag is holy’? Christ is Not A Sock Puppet

‘Drag is holy’? Christ is Not A Sock Puppet

It is bad enough secular teacher’s colleges have become Leftwing seminaries, but what in the name of the cool green hills of earth has happened to actual seminaries? Are we at the Ten Suggestions now?

Transgender, transsexual, drag … the Victim Olympics has been turned on its head to the point where the celebration and public kudos heaped on men acting queer is outright obscene. The danger to women from the transcult has long been documented here at Victory Girls. Now we get weird pastors showing up at the altar with queer-embelished vestments to tell us Jesus’s use of an analogy about chickens makes Him trans.

Excuse me … I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Now, far be it from me to not point out that the cynical use of the Church (or synagogue) for personal ends has a long and sordid history. The Bible warns of false prophets (Matthew 7:15 and Revelation 3:11-18) and yet, we plunge headfirst into what makes us feel good instead of what is good for us.

If that pervert pastor were the only one trying to subvert the reality of the Creator made them, male and female, we could laugh at it as a one off. But this use of religious speech and imagery in service of anti-theist and anti-science idolatry goes right to the White House. Resident Biden declared that anyone opposed to the mutilation of children in the name of transgenderism is “close to sinful.” Of course, Biden also invited #womanface Minstrel Dylan Mulvaney to the Oval Office and VP Roundheels sent Mulvaney a letter congratulating him on his 365 days of “girlhood”.

But Sock Puppet Jesus isn’t just a tool for the Queer community, Quisling David French and friends have their own grifting to do.

The Wuhan jab redeems abortion. I keep reading that and I’m gobsmacked each time.

Observant Christians (and Jews) do belong in the public square. There is nothing wrong with vigorous witnessing to one’s faith, living those foundational values and not being ashamed of them. But beware being sucked into the Hellenization of one’s core beliefs, where the secular drives the holy instead of the other way around. The Bible abounds with admonitions on resisting temptation.

And that goes for both sides of the political divide.

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  • Cameron says:

    Now, far be it from me to not point out that the cynical use of the Church (or synagogue) for personal ends has a long and sordid history.

    Dante’s idea of what happens to Simonists is a good read.

  • GWB says:

    Observant Christians (and Jews) do belong in the public square.
    Not just belong, but are required to be involved, IMO – at least, in America.
    One of the worst things Progressives ever did was convince people that 1) it was not a religion because it worshipped Reason, not a superbeing, and 2) that, therefore, things like Christian morals had no business being used to govern our nation and that people who do believe in superbeings should therefore never be able to opine on politics.
    Of course, they were lying and simply wanted to cut all other players (because most of them have morals) out of the arena so they could impose their worship of Reason and the desire to make men into gods.
    But, the other side is also at fault. Christians fell prey to the idea that people could be without religion. And they combined that with God’s requirement to submit to the gov’t to essentially cut themselves out of gov’t.
    But we’re a Republic, not a monarchy or other non-participatory gov’t. WE ARE the gov’t. It’s actually our responsibility to set up gov’t in such a way as to reflect our values and to promote them. And, no, promoting Christian morals is NOT setting up a theocracy. It’s not even setting up an ecclesiocracy (rule by church).
    When we abandon that responsibility, we are actually in sin (as Christians). And it shows in our current decadent state of decay.

    And, yes, this stuff is just as bad as pastors stating “Trump is our savior as a country” or that somehow “Trump is the most pro-Christian president in my lifetime.” Before you start screaming hypocrite, the difference is that those pastors are not professing Christianity. They are idolaters. That makes them unacceptable as advisors to their fellow Christian citizens.

    (As an example of the Progressive vs Christian debate and how it went all sideways: homosexuality being a matter of “politics”. When homosexuality began its big push for acceptance, one of the big arguments against the moral position was “Don’t you dare impose your religion in politics!” Except that the entire question of whether homosexuality should be accepted was one of morals, and therefore inherently religious. And it was the Progressives imposing their religious standard (hedonism) on the extant state of “politics”. Yes, it’s a disingenuous argument. But we let them get away with it (primarily because most of the country at that point was more Progressive than it was Christian).)

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