Don’t Be Fooled: Obamacare Is Actually Worse Than You Thought

Don’t Be Fooled: Obamacare Is Actually Worse Than You Thought

The Obama Administration continues to tout positive enrollment numbers — but don’t be fooled by those. New research reveals that 71% of new Obamacare enrollees are actually just new Medicaid enrollees. What does that mean? That Obamacare is basically an expansion of Medicaid.

It’s not the beaming success Obama speaks of — not to mention the endless problems incurred by the law since its implementation. It’s not just the faulty enrollee numbers but the massive cost. Did you know we’ll be adding $131 billion to the federal deficit over the next 10 years?

The money they were depending on to pay for Obamacare isn’t going to be there. Lower than expected numbers and mandate waivers for millions of Americans cost a lot of money.  Even with the 18 new taxes Americans are incurring, it’s not even close to covered.

What else is a problem? Government getting int between patients and their doctors. People losing their plans, losing their doctors, being forced to buy plans they can’t afford. How can President Obama tell us how great things are with a straight face?

All I’m saying, friends, is stay informed. Things aren’t getting better — and you shouldn’t be fooled by the numbers the Administration manipulates to sound good.

If all that makes you a tad depressed, hop on over to a little game my friends at AFP created called “Red Tape Rush.” Have fun trying to navigate all the red tape on the board to get the healthcare you deserve. It’s a cute little example of the bigger problems we’re all facing with Obamacare.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    If the Republicans get control of Congress they really need to get rid of this Obozocare garbage that was utter BS from the day it was first mentioned and has only gotten worse since. It won’t be easy and I have my doubts on the Republicans having the guts to do it but they have to at least make the attempt if they want to have any credibility.

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