Domain Awareness Gap To Blame For Chinese Spy Balloon(s)

Domain Awareness Gap To Blame For Chinese Spy Balloon(s)

Domain Awareness Gap To Blame For Chinese Spy Balloon(s)

U.S. Air Force General Glen D. Van Herck is in charge of U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, with a straight face and no sense of shame, blamed the fact that NORAD missed the Chinese Spy Balloon(s) on a “Domain Awareness Gap”. You can’t make this up. The only excuse is that General Mark Milley swore Van Herck into this position two and a half years ago. Everything Milley touches is shite. Seriously, NORAD has two jobs, maintain Domain Awareness and track Santa Claus.

I have been joking about the Chinese Spy Balloon and Domain Awareness Gap since I first heard of each of them. It’s not funny, at all, in any way. I am so mad I cannot stand it. The last shred of faith I had in anything other than God is GONE.

Look, I know that everybody and their sister spies on everyone else. Spy satellites are everywhere, watching everything. Forty million U.S. tweens have TikTok on their phones. Fine. As Nina pointed out beautifully yesterday, one would get entirely different information from a balloon than a satellite or a tween’s reels. If the Chicoms got bupkis out of the spying, it was a giant middle finger to all of us.

Here is how the Korean news service in Dubai reported on the Domain Awareness Gap:

Here is how Liberty Wire wrote it up:

( – Gen. Glen VanHerck, the commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and the U.S. Northern Command, told reporters on Monday the United States military failed to detect four earlier balloons sent either toward U.S. air space or into it.
“So those balloons, so every day as a NORAD commander it’s my responsible to — responsibility to detect threats to North America. I will tell you that we did not detect those threats.
“And that’s a domain awareness gap that we have to figure out. But I don’t want to go in further detail,” VanHerck said at an off-camera briefing.

As Nina told you yesterday a 200ft. tall balloon and this guy didn’t see it as a threat. Three people I love most in this world are members of the U.S. military. I fear for their safety under this kind of leadership and our safety living in this particular Domain.

Follow this thread and add your own wrong answers:

Admiral Kirby added this gem:

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Monday that they have “reached out to key [Trump administration] officials and have offered a briefing,” though he didn’t specify which officials received those invitations after multiple officials from the previous administration denied any previous spy balloon incidents.

You know these unethical mental midgets would not have copped to any of this at all if a citizen from flyover country wouldn’t have taken a picture. We would all still be living in a fools domain awareness gap. Not for nothing, the acronym for Domain Awareness Gap is D.A.G.. It’s what I have been saying all day. I don’t even trust NORAD to track the real Santa Claus anymore.

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  • Citizen Tom says:

    Like as not they are trying to cover up one lie with another. At best they can only be guessing that Chinese spy balloons have penetrated US air space three times. Since a passel of former Trump administration officials immediately came out and told the public that they have no idea what the Biden administration is talking about, now they either have to call the former Trump administration officials liars or make an excuse for them that cannot be verified. Since the Bident administration has no credibility, they went for the excuse, and they are making NORAD look incompetent. Milley, of course, made a subordinate take the fall.

    • GWB says:

      I think you nailed it.
      The other possibility is they were insubordinate.

      • Scott says:

        Insubordination is possible GWB, but based on most examples, we could / should expect that such behavior would be immediately followed by the info being leaked to the leftist press. with that in mind, I’d say that while possible, it’s unlikely..

  • GWB says:

    one would get entirely different information from a balloon than a satellite
    Mostly, I disagree. They could probably buy better satellite info on the commercial market than they could get with their balloon.

    FYI, there are different “domains” in the military. Some are obvious: land, sea, air, space, underwater. There are also electronic, information, personnel, etc. I’m not sure which domain the general thinks has a gap. Or if he thinks there’s a domain we’re not covering. It would seem “lighter than air” would already BE in HIS domains (air and space).

    I’m going to say that it is possible our various detection systems would miss a large balloon. (We are vulnerable to Mr Fogg!) What they would NOT miss is a payload under it that was the size of a small bomber aircraft. If those other balloons had a really small payload, it’s possible we wouldn’t notice in the right circumstances. But mostly it sounds like he’s making an excuse using an opaque buzzword so they will all say, “Oh, he’s an expert, so we’ll just take him at his word.”

    I am also terribly annoyed that not a single Republican had the cajones to let a balloon loose at the SOTU, with “PRICE$” written on both sides in English and Chinese. It would have been the perfect performative politics.

    • Scott says:

      ” Or if he thinks there’s a domain we’re not covering. It would seem “lighter than air” would already BE in HIS domains (air and space).”
      The excuse I’ve seen (take it for what it’s worth) is that our systems filtered out large, slow moving targets, assuming that they were flocks of birds or similar, and since this balloon / payload fell into that range, it didn’t pop any alerts.. given the incompetence of flag rank individuals promoted (based on political ideology and checking boxes.. kinda like the current VP, under the chosen one, and sadly, allowed to reamain under President Trump0, it seems that this is entirely possible…

      • GWB says:

        Bull hockey. At least at the analyst level. They would at least ask for a visual confirmation. At least the intel and sensor folks I knew would have.
        But, it is possible the “everything is always new and better” folks have become so entrenched that they would never think anything slow or stealthy could be real.

        • Scott says:

          Agreed that’s how it SHOULD work GWB, but the military “leadership” today is NOT what it was when you and I served. At least at the )-5 and above level, it’s no longer capability or competence that matters, it’s fealty to the “correct” political ideology that matters above all else.. And just like with Stalin and Hitler, those around them that should, and maybe even do know better won’t tell those above them anything that doesn’t follow the narrative, because it might “upset” them.. (and effect that persons future promotions…)

        • Liz says:

          Maybe the balloon had a radar jammer or something like that?

  • Royalidiot says:

    What an interesting way to deliver biological weaponry…….
    By the time it’s discovered, it’s mission will have been accomplished…….That’s what all this was about….

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