The Deplorables Are “Disciples of a False Prophet”

The Deplorables Are “Disciples of a False Prophet”

The Deplorables Are “Disciples of a False Prophet”

Charles M. Blow has an op-ed column today titled “Disciples of a False Prophet”. Mr. Blow regularly uses his column to rehash the national election of November, 2016. To say that the outcome was not to his liking is an understatement. Donald Trump won.

GREEN BAY, WI – MARCH 30: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump films a town hall meeting for MSNBC with Chris Matthews at the Weidner Center located on the University of Wisconsin Green Bay campus on March 30, 2016 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Candidates are campaigning ahead of the Wisconsin primary on April 5. (Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images)

Charles M. Blow just cannot find a safe space and so he is going to blame the Trump voters or “basket of deplorables” aka “irredeemables” to quote twice failed candidate and professional money grifter Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Charles M. Blow is alleging that Trump voters followed a false prophet and are now seeing through him. I must say “au contraire, mon frere”.

Charles M. Blow. He looks like a reasonable man.

From the article:

His entire life, Trump has sold shimmer and called it silver. It was and is all an illusion, a brand built on selling banality with braggadocio. He shaped vapors into dreams and delivered them to those hungry for a taste of the showy, hollow form of the high life he came to represent. He was successful at exploiting those with an ostentatious appetite for the air of success. Trump’s life story is a pyramid scheme of ambitions.

First, I must admire the way Mr. Blow puts words together. Blow can paint an awesome word picture. Even if it ain’t true.

Second, this is not an illusion-

Trump Tower is not an illusion

I have been there and walked through it. Across the street is store Henri Bendel and to the left, as you face Trump Tower, is Central Park. Ask any NYC cabbie and the cabbie will drive you there. Trump Tower is not his only building. It is his signature building.

Fourteen years of successful ratings for NBC as host of “The Apprentice”, not an illusion. NBC even paid him a ton of money for it.

Does Mr. Blow mean “False Prophet” is this sense.

false prophet
Someone that claims to be more than they actually are. They act “as if”. They also want people to follow them because of their inflated self image and misrepresented self worth.
Don’t idolize the false prophet for this is surely the path to hell.

Clearly, Mr. Blow, like Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama doesn’t think much of the citizens of flyover country. For Hillary, we were “Deplorable”. For Barack Obama:

It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

I was not initially on the Trump Train. To this day, I don’t agree with him or his style. He is President of the United States. He is right on so very much. Are his ratings falling? Yes, they are. Polls show that voters like what he is doing. They don’t approve of him. Per this Fox poll:

People must see results. Again, from Mr. Blow:

Trump’s lies, his brand, his presidency are like a house of cards and the truth is a box of matches. It’s becoming ever more likely that the consuming flames-destined to reduce the entire edifice to ashes-are imminent, as Trump slowing converts former acolytes into disappointed adversaries.

We shall see, Mr. Blow. The proof is in the pudding. Or, one of my favorite quotes:

Eventually, one must produce results. A builder must build a building. Donald Trump as President of the United States must produce a wall and a healthcare plan.

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