Dems Shred Biden on His Hyde Comment

Dems Shred Biden on His Hyde Comment

Dems Shred Biden on His Hyde Comment

Joe Biden fumbles on taxpayer funded abortions, and his fellow candidates tear into his hide. Is the presumed Democrat frontrunner capable of survival in a party where killing the unborn is considered a right? Or is he balancing the line between his party’s extreme stance and the national support for the Hyde Amendment?

Former VP Joe Biden is the living embodiment of President Trump’s Tweets. “Oh my God, did he really just say that?!” was uttered so often, it should have been made into a drinking game. So it comes as no surprise that the leading candidate is once again explaining a comment that puts him on the defensive. This time the attack is from the trailing candidates within his own party.

A Missed Conception

The latest scuffle surrounds a comment Biden made on camera to an ACLU volunteer at a May rally. She asked if he wins in 2020 will he abolish the Hyde Amendment, a law that prevents federal tax dollars paying for abortions. He answers, “Right now…it can’t stay.” His statement seems to imply that he would end the Hyde provision, and the happy questioner uploads her video to Twitter. Then his campaign does an about face and “clarifies” his official position.

“Biden misheard the woman on the ropeline and thought she was referring to the Mexico City rule, which prevents federal aid money from going to organizations overseas that perform abortions. He supports the repeal of the Mexico City rule because it prevents critical aid from going to organizations even if abortion is a very small fraction of the work they are doing. He has not at this point changed his position on the Hyde Amendment.”

Bumbling Biden is Popular

Joe Biden’s persona is that of the “Zany Uncle.” The one who shares funny stories at family gatherings, while being just over the line of appropriate with physical contact. He’s great fun, but it’s wonderful that his appearance is limited to an annual event. Obama learned this early on, and would happily bring out “Uncle Joe” for levity to redirect the nation’s attention away from a more serious matter. It was an effective ploy, and now most people readily underestimate Biden’s threat as a “serious” candidate. His history of disastrous presidential campaigns only lends support to his “ineptitude.” But Joe Biden is savvy. He’s proven himself capable of  being both a party insider, and outsider. He’s the used car salesman that gets referrals to your friends. Why? Because he’s affable.

A recent Real Clear Politics (RCP) poll has Biden leading by double digits over his Democrat rivals. Excluding a few Democrat sub- groups, his popularity spans the spectrum of Democrat voters, and he pulls in a fair amount of Independent voters. Overall his popularity in “must win” states like Texas and Michigan surpasses Trump. The only state where he and Trump tie is Florida. Right now, the polls indicate that the nomination is Biden’s to lose. Of course, it has happened in the past, but not a single candidate on the Democrat field has the national advantage of Biden.

The Takedown

According to a recent CNN breakdown of the “hidden Democrat voters,” Biden is the one to beat.

  • Age: Biden gets just 19% among those under the age of 45. Among those over 45 years-old, Biden earns 45%.
  • Education: Biden gets 28% among whites with a college degree. He gets over 40% among whites without a college degree.
  • Ideology: Biden earns 25% among self-described liberal voters. He jumps to 38% among voters who call themselves either moderate or conservative.
  • What’s key about all these groups is they make up a large chunk of the party. Those over 45 years old are a majority of Democrats. Whites without a college degree make up the same 30% as whites with a college degree. Moderate and conservative Democrats are about 50% of the party.”

Because of his overwhelming allure to the “bastard voters” within the Democrat party, the other candidates must eliminate his advantage. They will take every perceived gaffe and magnify it to minimize his lead. So, we find ourselves watching the Twitter-storm and media onslaught of second tier candidates vying to contrast Biden in the far realms of the party. In a dog pile mentality, the candidates are betting the paraphrased “Arthashastra” strategy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” will enable their group attack to lessen Biden’s appeal.

Abortion is always a hot topic, and any misstep is grounds for scorn by the far left. Even the slightest hint of anything less than outright support for unlimited access is an invitation to be characterized in opposition to “reproductive rights.”

Henceforth, we have the entertainment that is “Politicians on Twitter.” Bernie Sanders is the closest to Biden in the polls, therefore I give his tweets priority.

But for sheer entertainment value, we have to dig deep into the barrel of candidates, and pull from the bottom Mayor Bill de Blasio’s literary fumble. (If you click any link, please let it be this one. The thread is priceless entertainment)

The Breakdown…of Logic

The perception that abortion is somehow embedded in the Bill of Rights is the underlying thread in the argument against any infringement on access. Although Hyde doesn’t prevent access, it does restrict federal funding. This is a problem for hardline abortion supporters, who believe the taxpayer should bear the burden of paying for abortions. Even if they oppose the procedure. Former Hillary Clinton advisor, Jess McIntosh, went so far as to state,

I mean, imagine treating any other right that way: You’re allowed to exercise that right if you can pay for it, but otherwise you’re on your own — it’s not a right at all.”

Excuse me while I laugh my way over to the local armory, and tell the gunsmith that the federal government will be paying for my new Mossberg and unlimited ammo. Because according to this theory, it’s not a right unless the government pays for it. Maybe I can get them to add in a new safe so I can practice “Safe Shooting.” Better yet, maybe the federal government will offer the NRA the same deal it does to Planned Parenthood. The NRA will hold taxpayer funded “Firearm Education” classes…. The NRA won’t use the funds for actual bullets, but they can reallocate other funds to cover them.

My apologies, I get giddy at the thought of gun control advocates actually having to pay for access and education about firearms. I mean, it’s literally written in the Bill of Rights. Number Two, so obviously important.

Their Miscalculation

The barrage against Biden by the other candidates is a miscalculation. They would do well to read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War“, paying particular attention to the principle “Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.” Biden is full of baits, likely unintentional, taken by his challengers. In their attempts to use his Hyde gaffe they have placed themselves in direct opposition to the beliefs of over half of the electorate. A 2016 poll by Harvard and Politico highlights the feelings of voters and federal dollars paying for abortions.

While a majority (58%) of voters favor continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood, a majority (58%) also opposes allowing Medicaid funding to be used to pay for abortion services.

Biden Covers His Hyde

Biden addressed the gaffe, and sort of attempted to back pedal a bit. His campaign’s statement was solidly that of a savvy DC player. That is to say, noncommittal for any definitive action on his part, while punting the responsibly for any change of heart squarely on his opponent.

 “Given the current draconian attempts to limit access to abortion, if avenues for women to access their protected rights under Roe v. Wade are closed, he would be open to repeal.”

Biden may be the overly handsy “Crazy Uncle Joe” to the political watchers and Democrat elites, but his appeal to the majority of Democrat voters, and ability to pick up swing state votes, makes him the number one candidate to watch. Thankfully, the Democrat mob will provide some much needed entertainment, and balance, to the insanity coming from Trump’s Twitter account. All things considered, the road to 2020 is going to be one heck of a wild ride.

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  • I love your idea of extending the “if you have to pay to exercise a right…” to make govt but us guns and ammo.

    While the logic of the subsidies-for-abortion crowd is obviously wrong, subsidies for private ownership of weapons makes some sense. Being able and equipped to defend oneself and one’s society is a part of being a citizen. Maybe a way to implement would be tax breaks for concealed carry holders, although I’d like it if it could cover those of us who keep rifles suitable for defense.

    Mandatory firearms ownership and proficiency — but progressives could opt out by paying higher taxes. That ought to be win-win. We get guns and lower taxes, they get the higher taxes they love *and* get to virtue-signal their non-ownership; they could even be given a special medal to wear to proudly show they are unarmed!

  • Anna Mac says:

    I’m just stunned that grown Americans support Biden to this extent. He’s a male Hillary leveraging a government position to further a personal agenda. He’s a liar AND a serial plagiarizer.

  • Bandit says:

    Why is Marty Walsh in that picture with biden?

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