Crazy and Evil: the shooter in Vegas was both

Crazy and Evil: the shooter in Vegas was both

Crazy and Evil: the shooter in Vegas was both

The Vegas massacre will be, and is, being picked apart by all kinds of experts and conspiracy theorists. And we do not know why the shooter chose the location, weapons, and any of his (or his girlfriend’s) actions. We may never know. And we all are playing armchair psychologists and trying to figure out why. Because we can still have the illusion of safety if we can prepare.

About a year ago we had a random act of violence perpetrated on some random victims walking to the store, despite my neighbor’s wishes and open-carrying while walking their dogs and a period of vigilance to try and prevent this.

Random acts of violence happen. And we truly do not know what we would do (although we can strategize like we are playing risk or D&D). And that perhaps is the scariest part. First responders drill and drill and drill so it is second nature. But there is no drill for dealing with a crazy and evil shooter. And this creep was both.


Here is what we know (and some speculation). Starting with the question was he crazy (or mentally ill for actual licensed mental health people). Some of his neighbors discussed the shooter:

As investigators reconstruct the life and recent activities of Paddock in a bid to work out a motive, details keep emerging that suggest the gunman’s mental health had deteriorated in the months prior to the massacre. Paddock had reportedly experienced significant weight loss in the lead-up to the shooting. He also developed an obsession with his girlfriend’s ex-husband, Geary Danley, with whom she had been married to for more than 20 years before they finalized their divorce in 2015.

Mental illness is not an excuse, nor are all mentally ill people violent, mean and nuttier than a fruitcake. The shooter was more than mentally impaired or crazy. He was evil. And the two are separate.

Why evil? The shooter’s actions were methodical, planned carefully, and utterly depraved. This was not a spur of the moment act. And President Trump calling the massacre evil was unfortunately accurate.

Crazy and evil seems to be the best description for the shooter. Here is a theory that makes sense. If this is a cause, then hopefully medical professionals will find a way to better manage medication-related impairment. And both help patients and hopefully have less crazy, evil acts committed.

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