Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy Says Trump Rhetoric Can Lead to More Violence

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy Says Trump Rhetoric Can Lead to More Violence

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy Says Trump Rhetoric Can Lead to More Violence

To combat ISIS, we need a “comprehensive” approach. We need not to focus only on a military campaign here in the U.S. And, for the love of God, we have to stop giving ISIS “fodder”. My guess is Connecticut Democrat Senator, Chris Murphy, did not take too well to President Trump’s “evil losers” remark the other day.

“I think we have to learn some lessons from Europe. The fact of the matter is in many countries in Europe, England included, Muslims suffer a de facto segregation which sometimes allows for these perversions of Islam, this radicalization, to take root. And we have to make sure that we don’t allow that to happen here, so we have to have a full, comprehensive approach to stopping ISIS and not focus only on the military campaign in the Middle East.”

Trump’s remarks may not have shown him worthy of basking in the light of these luminous, intellectual giants. And, after all, we’ve learned this in elementary school, words hurt. If only Trump ceased his name-calling, perhaps terrorists won’t pick on us. If we chose kindness, maybe Muslim extremists would not pervert Islam to justify jihad. Perhaps if we were more like Katy Perry and agreed to “coexist”, we won’t get blown up and our innocent children won’t get killed. That strategy has worked so well under the Obama administration, don’t you think? We weren’t kind enough. That’s why Boston happened. That’s why San Bernardino happened. That’s why the Pulse nightclub got shot up. And, people were downright nasty in Little Rock and at Fort Hood and in Chattanooga. Terrorists had to do something. It’s the rhetoric that is wiping us out.

The philosophy behind this all just baffles me. I mean, my head hurts. It’s like trying to have an intellectual conversation with the class bully. It ain’t gonna happen. As a child who was bullied, I’ve learned from experience that trying to “talk things out” is a dead-end street with these types of people. Instead, you have to stand up to the bully and fight fire with fire. You get hit, you hit back harder. Then, all of sudden, you have miraculously gained their respect and they back the heck off and walk off into the sunset. Or they move on to pick on somebody else who is an easy target. It is really THAT simple. But according to Chris Murphy, if we just refrained from calling them “terrorists” or, in Trump terms, “evil losers”, perhaps they’ll stay out of the gay bars. Perhaps they will have mercy on young, female concert goers. They may even let families cheer their loved ones on at a marathon or enjoy a Christmas party. Maybe, just maybe, they will take mercy on the school with the big “GUN FREE ZONE” poster hanging on the outside. Perhaps they will come to the realization that they have warped the concept of “religion of peace” and they are at fault. They will retreat and go crying home to Mommy with their tails between their legs if we were just a little more tolerant.

We just need to try a little tenderness and watch our rhetoric. Heaven forbid you associate a terrorist with the term “evil loser”. It’s so wrong. If we’re changing rhetoric, let’s just all call them “victorious jihadis” because if we follow Murphy’s circus into town, that rhetoric would be more suited to them!

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  • Scott says:

    Well said Lisa, these idiots truly are delusional… that or they want the ” Evil Losers ” to win…

    • Lisa Carr says:

      I don’t really think they know what they are dealing with, Scott. They are elitist and some have never had the opportunity to be in the real world and experience real world dynamics. There is something to be said for one’s upbringing and the impact it has on one’s politics. I can see myself having the same outlook as Murphy had I just grown up in a financially secure home in the wealthy suburbs and went to a well-known school. The ‘burbs came MUCH later and so did the university education and the degree but not without working 35-hour weeks. When you’re forced to grow up, you see people for who and what they really are and some of these folks clearly, have not “grown up” and did not get beat up enough throughout this thing called life. That’s the only way I can think to explain this philosophy.

      • GWB says:

        There is also an awful lot of “the enemy [islam] of my enemy [Christianity] is my friend” going on. Along with the status of muslims as the pet “Other” group of the leftists (as opposed to their pet victim groups that are within western society).

        But, it requires either maliciousness, flaming ignorance, or mental illness to think and state these things.

  • GWB says:

    And, after all, we’ve learned this in elementary school, words hurt.

    Actually, when I was in elementary school, we were taught “words can’t hurt me”.

    And we have to make sure that we don’t allow that to happen here

    Well, if they assimilate (which would require denunciation of sharia and jihad), it won’t happen.

    We just need to try a little tenderness

    We need to try a few more MOABs and maybe a Fat Man or two.

  • Scott says:

    I like your way of thinking GWB

  • VALman says:

    “Muslims suffer a de facto segregation”???

    Self-imposed segregation is more like it.

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