Colossal Negligence: Air Force NEVER Put Devin Kelley’s Domestic Violence Conviction Into NCIC [VIDEO]

Colossal Negligence: Air Force NEVER Put Devin Kelley’s Domestic Violence Conviction Into NCIC [VIDEO]

Colossal Negligence: Air Force NEVER Put Devin Kelley’s Domestic Violence Conviction Into NCIC [VIDEO]

Quite frankly, the completely heinous evil person that Devin Kelley was should’ve been in prison a long time ago.

As families and the entire community of Sutherland Springs, Texas mourn and try to make sense of something so senseless and evil, more information is coming to light regarding how Kelley got to where he was on Sunday morning when he walked into the First Baptist Church and opened fire. Information that is enraging on multiple levels.

In 2012, while serving as a logistics tech in the Air Force at Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico, Kelley ended up in jail. Why? Because he beat the ever loving CRAP out of his wife. Even worse, he tried to kill his stepson, a baby!

Yes folks, when someone beats you so badly they fracture your skull, I’d say that’s attempted murder. Yet the Air Force and those involved in his court martial only gave him 12 months in jail and a ‘Bad Conduct’ discharge.

So hellishly wrong. 

After Kelley’s stint in jail, he ended up in Colorado Springs. While living in a trailer park in Fountain (SE of Colorado Springs) in 2014, he was cited for animal cruelty.

One witness said Kelley picked up the dog by its neck and slammed it onto the ground. Others said they saw him then drag the dog away.

He was given probation. Freaking probation for treating a dog so badly it needed tons of vet care because it was so malnourished and had been beaten by Kelley so much. *Side note, animal cruelty is one major sign of someone who is an abuser. Furthermore, others are making it clear that he has a history of violence. 

But even worse is this: Kelley could buy guns without ANY problem at all, even with his domestic violence conviction in place. WHY? Because someone in the Air Force didn’t do their damn job!

Yes folks, you read that correctly. Some idiot at the Air Force DID NOT do his or her job. And 26 people DIED AS A RESULT of their negligence and utter incompetence!

The Texas church shooter should not have been able to legally own a gun.

But an Air Force officer failed to enter Texas church gunman Devin Patrick Kelley’s domestic violence court-martial into a national database that would have barred him from buying weapons, the Air Force said Monday.

Top Air Force brass ordered a full review of how the service handled Kelley’s conviction at a general court-martial in 2012, Ann Stefanek, a spokeswoman for the Air Force, said in a statement Monday.

Oh and the Air Force isn’t the only ones whose incompetence has cost lives. Dylan Roof should’ve been flagged when he purchased guns. But because either the information was never entered or someone, when entering the info was negligent, Roof wasn’t flagged when he purchased his weapons. In other words, sloppy incompetence led to both the Charleston and Sutherland Springs tragedies.

Quite frankly, more lives would’ve been lost if it weren’t for such men as Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff.

As Marta pointed out, good men with guns stopped a bad guy thus saving countless lives. In fact, Stephen Willeford is a former NRA instructor! When he found out that Kelley was attacking the church congregation he acted. He ran to his safe, grabbed his AR-15 and ammo. He was loading his weapon while running BAREFOOT towards the church.

A former NRA instructor along with another member of the community acted and in doing so saved lives.

Members of the United States Air Force have a great deal to answer for. There is absolutely ZERO explanation or excuse they can come up that will fix this. Someone in the Air Force did NOT put Kelley’s conviction into the NICS database like they were supposed to. Thus their incompetence and negligence has compounded an already horrific tragedy.

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  • theduchessofkitty says:

    The USAF has a lot of ‘splaining to do here.

  • David R Byler says:

    Someone in the AirForce,,,,,,,,, apparently more than one someone, did not see spousal abuse as a serious crime …? This, quite frankly, may be what our sisters in the feminazi movement can join hands with us if they really want to DO something …

  • Wfjag says:

    There is one bright side to this development: while Kelly was a broke loser, the estates of the murder victims, the people wounded, and those with loss of consortium claims, can pursue damages under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Because of the Obama administration’s cuts to the military, it wasn’t just lack of maintenance on aircraft that wasn’t being done because there was no one to do the job. It’s improbable the Kelly’s felony conviction is the only one not entered in the federal database. Failure to do something required by law is negligence and not having people to do what is required because over the past 8 years the military was gutted by cuts, is no defense. The purpose of the military is to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. After the Obamanation Administration, the U.S. military can do neither. So, it will be millions for damages, because there was not enough sense for defense.

  • TRX says:

    Reality check: Had the USAF entered his Lautenberg conviction into the FBI database, it would have changed nothing. Because, other than a few slave states, NICS checks only apply to sales made by Federally licensed gun dealers.

    In Texas, as in almost everyplace else, he could have just bought a gun by looking through the ads in the local newspaper or any random individual who needed money more than one of his guns. Or he could simply have stolen one; it’s not that hard to do.

    Note that states with NICS requirements for all gun sales and “safe storage” laws do not have lower gun-related crime rates than free states.

    • Nina says:

      Well, the thing is he purchased two weapons from Academy Sports in San Antonio. That chain has an FFL and ran the background check through NCIC. It came back clean. They’ve issued a statement discussing their cooperation with the state and federal authorities on this.

      He also purchased one from Specialty Sports in CO Springs. They too have a FFL and run everything through CBI and NCIC when someone is purchasing a gun.

      Could he have gotten guns elsewhere? Likely so, including from his family as many of them are gun owners.

      But the real part of this is that the Air Force was grossly negligent and someone there didn’t upload the domestic violence conviction into NCIC like they should’ve.


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