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College Students Sign Petition To Cancel Memorial Day

College Students Sign Petition To Cancel Memorial Day

College Students Sign Petition To Cancel Memorial Day

These are the children of the future. The cream of the crop. The best of the best students of Georgetown University in D.C. What do some of these college students want to do? Cancel Memorial Day. Why? Well, American Imperialism, of course.

Granted, it was a mock petition, but still. The main character of the video, courtesy of Campus Reform, sports a Rutgers tee and was the eager first person to sign the mock petition. His girlfriend also jumped in to add her signature afterwards. Wait a second…can these nitwits even form a signature as in, like, cursive? It’s doubtful, but I digress. Why did they sign?

It’s not an attack on any individual but more of a system.”

Which system is this? Well, according to Mr. Rutgers college tee (I’ll wager he’s either a philosophy or poli-sci major), Memorial Day should be canceled because it represents “American Colonialism and Imperialism” and the “negative aspects of America”. How did ol’ college Joe come about this? Well, he was “always about social justice” but did not understand how to formulate his thoughts about being a token SJW until he took gender studies classes. This is where he learned the “social justice language”. It was a spiritual journey, he said. And he needed to “practice what (he felt), like exists on a spiritual plane in real, everyday life.”

I didn’t really think in this way until I went to college and I took women’s and gender studies classes and that put me on this path where I’m like, ‘yeah, f–k the US.’”

F-ck the U.S.?! Seriously, dude, go buy your overpriced Kombucha at that Georgetown cafe, eat your kale and dandelion root vegan burger and pack your bags and move somewhere else. A spiritual experience? Our boys who stormed the beach at Normandy, I am sure, had a spiritual experience as well, you twit. For some of them, they came face to face with their maker and lived to tell the tale. For their brothers killed in action, they were met by God’s arms in heaven doing the most selfless of acts one could possibly imagine. But we can’t expect our young people, who got trophies for everything, no consequences from their parents from being little a-holes, and later moved on to stuffed animals and blankets in college safe spaces, to understand this.

Why else did they sign the petition? Well, “American genocide”, of course, says another nitwit. American genocide? This, spoken by the tall, blonde, bookish girl with wire-rimmed glasses. Such an intellectual, she is, I am sure she thinks so. She could be the total picture of college white privilege but my guess is she is like the many who account for their sins of their past by telling us that we need to “acknowledge the space we’re in“, whilst not giving up their spot in their MFA program at the school of their choosing for an Indigenous American. Not a chance.

Here’s a lesson for you, sweetheart-those Americans we honor on Memorial Day went into battle in part because of genocide. You know, once upon a time, there was this horrific man by the name of Adolf Hitler. Remember him? No, I’m not talking the Orange Man who you hated as our president, I’m talking the short, power-hungry, German dude with a god complex. Let me break it down for you, doll. Adolf Hitler was a bad man who killed MANY innocents. Did you learn that in your high school history class or was the subject of what Hitler did to Jews and other groups of people he didn’t deem worthy of existence completely glossed over? Oh, they didn’t mention gas chambers, firing squads and torturous scientific experimentation because it was deemed to “triggering” and violent in your classroom? Want to talk genocide, dear? Let us also not gloss over the concept of abortion, either. Some embryo or “clump of cells” as you guys like to call it, may have no chance of a college education (even though it is a “human right”), if they are deemed early on to have a disability.

Like, Imperialism, so, like, yeah, I’ll sign…”

There was one woman walking around the college campus who opted to perhaps not sign. She threw in her two cents (if it is even worth that much) and suggested that Memorial Day be “re-branded” to “celebrate” something “worthwhile”. Worthwhile? Like what? Something certainly of “woke” nature, I am sure, because war is stupid and people are stupid.

Indeed they are. If there is anything this little snippet from Campus Reform tells us, it is that our educational system is failing our children. That slowly, and surely, the narrative is being changed. These very privileged individuals who are walking around with Gucci fanny packs (as pictured in the video), spouting philosophical drivel about genocide and imperialism as if they even had a clue what actually living under these conditions feels like, walk a college campus and think they have it all figured out.

Some won’t sign. After all, it is a bank holiday and they want their day off. But a day off to be reverent and contemplative about why they have the
three-day weekend? That would involve some of these people looking outside of themselves which I’m not sure any of them know how to do.

So, They’ll cuss American “imperialism” and gladly take the day off, we’re sure. Just like Kamala. Enjoy the long weekend, oh brilliant, liberal, Georgetown college jackasses.

Photo Credit: Joey Zanotti/FlickR/CC BY 2.0/Cropped

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  • Lloyd says:

    Absolutely Disgusting! Send all who signed to China…where they belong!

  • GWB says:

    ‘yeah, f–k the US.’
    There’s the door, dude. Until you go out it, you’re a pathetic hypocrite.

    Don’t blame these kids, though. Remember, they have parents who either raised them to believe this malarkey, or allowed someone else to raise them to believe it. And those parents were raised by parents who wanted them to “make up their own minds” and other relativist claptrap. All produced by the greatest heresy of all time: Progressivism.

  • David B. says:

    Can’t we cancel college students instead?

  • Scott says:

    Hell, since that little douche got his eyes opened in “his” gender studies classes, I suggest we offer him an all expenses paid HANO drop to the socialist paradise of his choosing…

    *High altitude NO opening… ie: a knapsack instead of a parachute

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