VIDEO: #ClivenBundy’s Assemblyman Denied Entrance To Oregon Court

VIDEO: #ClivenBundy’s Assemblyman Denied Entrance To Oregon Court

VIDEO: #ClivenBundy’s Assemblyman Denied Entrance To Oregon Court

Many of my fellow patriots here at Victory Girls have written about the #OregonStandoff. Frankly, I did not support the Bundys or their supporters invasion of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge where they holed up for a month. Many in the rural Oregon county asked them to leave, repeatedly. I stand with the people of Harney county in all of this and think that the occupiers should have respected their wishes and gone home last month.

However, Oregon citizen journalist Leo Stratton interviewed Nevada Assemblyman John Moore (R-Nevada) on the street when he was barred from being present as Cliven Bundy was arraigned in an Oregon Federal court room. It seems that the US Marshall who controlled entry into the court thought there simply was not space. However, as you see in this video, it seemed the same law enforcement officer was OK letting in a member of the local press.

As someone who has not had representation at either the local or national level for over a decade I was horrified to hear this man’s story. Here, the Nevada Assemblyman and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R-Nevada), had traveled to Oregon to support one of their constituents and they were not allowed to do so by the Oregon government. They had made a promise to support him and be present in the court room and yet, the Assemblyman was not allowed in to live up to that promise.

Regardless of your feelings about his personal positions, or his constituents actions, I would be thrilled to have a representative of my state government offer this kind of support to me in my time of need. All mine ever do for me is lecture me about what a horrible, racist person I am whenever I take the time to reach out to them and express my opinion about things like the changing of a street in an urban area to honor Caesar Chavez (which is a confounding if you know anything about Caesar Chavez).

Caesar Chavez was an activist who campaigned for farm workers rights, and that has WHAT to do with Portlandia?

Unfortunately, we conservatives here in the PNW have grown used to lacking local representation. There are a few, but they have to fight like hell every election to retain their seats in the morass that is Oregon politics.

So, I salute Assemblyman John Moore and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, and thank them for travelling out of their state to support a constituent in his hour of need.

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  • Julie says:

    Nice article. I do take exception with the statement “Many in the rural Oregon county asked them to leave, repeatedly. I stand with the people of Harney county in all of this and think that the occupiers should have respected their wishes and gone home last month” being incomplete. Many asked them to stay to see what they had to stay, and many supported their efforts. The WHOLE truth needs to be stated, not a partial truth.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you!! What we are hearing is the opposite!! Now Obama just made three more appointments to the antiquities, headed to included your wildlife refuge and Bundy’s ranch! This had to stop!

    • Joybound says:

      Many of the “townfolk” work for the BLM and support the government wholeheartedly. If you look into this issue the BLM is forcing ranchers and farmers off their land to cede it to the BLM holdings to get the mineral rights. The Federal government is limited to 10 square miles of land unless their is an issue of nation security of eminent domain. They used to manage TERRITORIES, but once a state has been added to the union, public lands belong to each state (you can find public land maps on the internet). I’ve been reading a lot about this and came upon something you would be interested in. A BLM going away party in which the retiring employee bragged to the party that she had cheated “two old world war ll veterans out of their mine, buying their min for 2 million”. She hooted that she had had the mine appraised at $40 million. The party goers laughed and celebrated the cheating of these two old veterans. It was disgusting. The BLM is doing this all over the western states. They burn, destroy, cheat, withhold water and I don’t know what else. Also I was surprised to find that Hillary Clinton and her foundation are also involved with negotiating with Russia and China for mining rights on these lands. Check it out for yourself, these “intruders” maybe resisting the same kind of government tyranny that patriots did over 200 years ago. It’s a lot more complicated than the media is reporting. Offering opinions without all the facts is not fair or right to anyone on your website, which I like. Thanks for hearing me out. I don’t claim to have all the answers but maybe we can all can continue to ask questions.

  • Cali says:

    As a conservative in California, I sympathize with your sentiments. I didn’t approve of the actions this group took either. However, the heavy handedness of the government throughout this entire situation is deeply troubling!

    Keep filming and working. We the people ought never be silenced. We are all Americans and I’m appalled that this assemblyman was denied access to the courtroom of his constituent!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you! We in the PNW are blessed with a wealth of talented CITJO’s and we are fighting to end the tyranny that one party rule has imposed. This whole situation was just insane to me! He travelled all this way to keep a promise to a constituent! Liberal or Conservative-the Marshall should have respected that dedication. We shoul all be so lucky to be so well represented!

  • Jennifer says:

    Good point, sounds like you live closer to Burns than I do. Thank you for helping set the record straight!


  • Vicki Kelley says:

    I agree , I am not sure I can support the action they took by taking over a refuge but…..this will be for a jury to decide and they should be able to have support in the courtroom. This just shows me people are taking desperate measures to wake people up. The system is so twisted and corrupt but yet we keep making excuses for it.

    • Jennifer says:

      Good points all, I think lots of people are just sick and tired of feeling like their cries against injustice are landing on deaf (or corrupt) government ears.

  • PNW says:

    Initially they did not have much local support, but, by the time LaVoy was murdered, the community was pretty much split in half. This should have been pretty obvious with “Sheriff” Ward making such a stink about them dividing his community.

    • Jennifer says:

      Sounds like you are closer to Burns as well. The split in the community is sad. I understand it is a very tight knit community normally.


  • SLW says:

    Nevada had 3 representative that traveled up there Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, and Assemblyman John Moore. I am very impressed that they all traveled up to negotiate on behalf of one of their constituents. You just don’t see this type of representation anywhere anymore.

    • Jennifer says:

      The people of Nevada should be proud of their representatives! You certainly do NOT see that very often these days.

  • This sounds too much like the David Kaurish thing that happened in Waco Texas they wonted to arrest David so they came in an burned his compound to the ground with women and children inside don’t remember how many but was watching on live T.V. If the government wonted David they could of arrested him while he was out to get supplies, they didn’t have to kill all the women children. This was over a religion. This was when Janet Reno was Attorney general.

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