Chuck Schumer: Americans don’t care about the pork

Chuck Schumer: Americans don’t care about the pork

So, the stimulus debacle passed, as I knew it would. Big kudos to GOP Senators Snowe and Collins of Maine, as well as Senator Specter of Pennsylvania. Way to stand by your conservative principles and listen to your constituents, guys. Way to go.

Every other Republican senator voted against it — to those senators, YOU ROCK. (For right now, anyway.)

As far as Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter go, as far as I’m concerned they no longer deserve to be in office with an “R” next to their name. Leave the Senate or change parties, but do not for one second continue pretending to be a Republican when you turned your back on Republican principles, at a time when those principles are needed most. Go sit with your fellow comrades on the other side of the aisle, asshats. We don’t want you anymore.

The bill passed 61-37, and especially enthusiastic was Chuck Schumer, who gloated about winning and then informed us that we apparently don’t care about the itsy bitsy, teeny tiny, minute pork amendments in the bill (tip: Michelle Malkin):

Who cares if only 37% of Americans approved the stimulus? I guess those are the real Americans, right, Chuckie? Dissent is no longer patriotic… not in Barack Obama’s America.

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  • Mat says:

    To say that Schumer is a first class douchebag is an understatement. I know, since he represents my state. Oh, how I would love for New York City and Long Island to split away from the rest of the state. They’re so useless…

  • Chris M-G says:

    I am also stuck with Chuckie representing my interests. He would be the first to say such a thing, because he doesn’t give a darn about us, nor did Clinton.

  • Andy Orlovsky says:

    The sad thing is he’s probably right. Sure, people like you and me care that our government is not wasting money, but I don’t think the average American gives a damn. Otherwise, Obama would have never been elected president. Most people just want money is their pockets, even at the expense of the next generation.

  • Dr. Roger Harris says:

    Schumer is an IGNORANT & ARROGANT ASSHOLE! SIXTY-THREE percent of my fellow Americans DAMN-WELL DO CARE!

  • Todd Gingrich says:

    Arlen is coming up for re-election within the next couple of years. There is no way he will lose in the general election, mainly because my state is made up of old people and morons (and of course old, morons), but he faced a tremendous challenge in the primary last time around and was almost defeated. We conservatives really need to get some money into PA to find a canidate to run against him.

  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    Useless dirtbag! I care about the “stimulus-porkus-excessive spendus”
    The man is an idiot with an ivy league degree. Heavy emphasis on the idiot.
    Maybe it’s time for another revolution over taxation without representation.
    The SMLE is at the ready.

  • Ok,OK you doom and gloomers…I am here to make you laugh!Google “why is chuck schumer an asshole” and you will find:
    1:there are many reasons.
    2:he takes being an asshole to soaring heights
    3:he is proud of being an asshole
    What you won’t find is :
    1:why he keeps being re-elected
    2:any one who likes him
    3:why no one has kicked his ass
    to the owner of this blog:
    God bless you and your beloved grunt
    Please thank him for his service
    I like the way you back up your 1st amendment rights with your 2nd amendment rights.
    to the readers of this blog:
    History is on our side…the American spirit will persevere long after the socialist morons are tarred and feathered and run out of Washington!God Bless America!
    Proud parent of an Airman 1st Class Ramstein Germany

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