A 12-year-old girl’s opinion on abortion

A 12-year-old girl’s opinion on abortion

A 12-year-old girl’s opinion on abortion

When I clicked play to begin watching this video, I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. I figured it would be some middle-school girl talking about God, regurgitating her parents’ opinions. For most young kids, that’s all they’re doing when they talk about hot-button topics like abortion — repeating what they’ve heard. Sometimes, though, the child speaking is so knowledgeable, with so much passion and conviction in their eyes and in their voice, it’s obvious that they did this on their own. I’m convinced that this girl took the time to do her own research and wrote the speech herself.

I was stunned at how good this video is. This little girl, a seventh grader, spoke so eloquently and so convincingly on a topic that many adults can’t clearly articulate their feelings about. Abortion is one of this issues that dredges up passionate feelings, but they’re not always easily articulated. This girl did it with no problem. And she was thorough. She didn’t stick to the “it’s wrooooong” argument, but gave many valid, factual arguments on why abortion should not be legal.

Watch this video. It’s a little long, but still — prepare to be impressed.

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  • Nicky says:

    Just. Wow.
    What an eloquent, intelligent little girl. She didn’t say a thing I haven’t said before about abortion – she just said it better than I ever could!

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Thanks for the HT… on three blogs, I’m honored :).

  • Shannon in AZ says:

    Fabulous presentation.

  • hot girls says:

    well this is indeed looks so special.

  • Having two kids are enrolled in a cyber-charter school, I submit there is an excellent chance this girl is home-schooled – either traditionally or also in a cyber-charter school.

  • ozel01 says:

    Seems to me it matters not where her schooling is conducted. Seems she still has excellent command of her facts and a commanding presentation of those facts.

  • Julie Restive says:

    Still doesn’t convince me that abortion should be illegal. SHE is a child – a fetus is not. Period.

  • C says:

    This little girl gave me chills when she spoke. I have had an abortion and if I had known then what I know now I would never had.
    She voices what I feel now.

  • Doc says:

    A very impressive young lady. Great presentation!

  • Jon Benet Ramsey says:

    She is an excellent speaker, but it is highly likely that this video propaganda was written by a parent.

    Is it a form of abuse if you prostitute your child in zealous propaganda for a belief that the child should not even aware of at their age?

    A 12 year old should barely know the mechanics of where a baby comes from, let alone about abortions. Her parents have done this child a great disservice by putting this video out. In the modern world, this child will have this video associated with them until they die of old age, or the internet disappears from the planet, it is on Google/YouTube.

    Besides all that, yes the child is an excellent speaker. Maybe we will see her as Mayor of Wasilla in 20 years… unless of course she actually learns to think for her self, and stop reading her parents cue cards.

  • Janet in IN says:

    Great presentation… for any and all audiences. keep up the good work. I was so amazed the potential of the children..

  • A parent says:

    Hey – Jon Benet Ramsey,

    You believe that a 12 year old is not mature enough to know the facts or understand all that is involved with abortion? What do you believe is the quality of education in this country? Is a typical 12 year old, in your view, not able to learn at this level? I, know many who demonstrate this ability and above it.

    Or, are you saying that 12 year old children should only be taught that abortion is necessary: a right to be protected, maybe even good? Because that is what they hear everyday. Are you saying that no other view ought to be heard, no matter how well researched and presented?

    Do you object because she is a member of her peer group and not a teacher? I suspect that you would have no problem with a 12 year old girl presenting a pro-abortion argument. If someone is promoting propaganda, you might just look in the mirror.

    You should checkout a local school curriculum and then view what is presented in the media these days to get a major dose of reality. And, yes she may grow up to be Mayor, or whatever she puts her mind to do because she has a mother who values life.

    Her argument was not just about life @ conception, which many hold true, as much as it is that one ought to value the potential of life which holds no choice in this important matter.

    Since the fact that only 1% of US abortions come about because of rape, incest or life threatening to the mother then one ought to consider the pro-life position for those 99%, who were conceived in a presumed loving act. It is always better to come down in support of life. I believe that is what she is saying to her peers.

    You ought to recognize her right to hold and defend her belief. The danger of silencing her right is propaganda of the worst kind.

  • John says:

    Propaganda because she spoke about abortion? I doubt it is propaganda.

    It is a school project because my daughter has had projects like this. Her topic was on prostitution. But my daughter isn’t 12 she is 17.

  • Stirling Long says:

    I was astounded at this little girls maturity wisdom and courage. she faced a lot of opposition from the teaching staff and even a judge resigned after she had won. I really applaud her. I wish Ministers of various Christian Denominations would be as brave as her and speak up against this abominal crime. Not to mention our social decay, greed and homosexuality. I guess our God will use any one he chooses, like they say ” Out of the mouths of Babes”… Wonderful stuff. So proud of her.

  • This girl’s presentation is very impressive. She is well-spoken and her speech is well-written. I doubt that it is “propaganda” written by a parent; it’s possible, but I doubt it.

    At the same time, though, to call her arguments “valid” and “factual” is a gross misunderstanding. Her arguments rely on arguments by analogy and unsupported assumptions.

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