Chelsea Clinton, meet the facts

Chelsea Clinton, meet the facts

Chelsea Clinton, meet the facts

Following in the footsteps of so many great Democratic mouthpieces — the national media, Rosie O’Donnell and Chelsea Handler, just to name a few — Chelsea Clinton has once again proven she’d much rather go for shock-value than check the facts before hitting “enter”. Maybe she enjoys stirring up people’s emotions and spreading lies about the current Administration. Maybe she simply believes herself to be above doing anything like actually checking the source before retweeting something. Either way, she got caught out yesterday and, like her mother, has yet to admit she did anything wrong.

It all started with Twitter. When doesn’t most of the erroneous information running around these days start with Twitter? In this particular case, Hillary Clinton’s former foreign policy spokesman Jesse Lehrich posted the following:

Now, this is the same Jesse Lehrich who, while live-tweeting during the second presidential debate during the last election, posted the following:

I guess for a Clinton, that is reason enough to take anything he says at face value. But, for the rest of us, let’s look at what the Trump Administration actually said it might do regarding those who illegally enter our country and do so when they are under the age of 18 and aren’t necessarily accompanied by a parent.

First, if you look at the article Lehrich cited, nowhere does it say children will be housed in warehouses. In fact, the word “warehouse” doesn’t even appear in the article. But Lehrich doesn’t worry about that. Why let a little thing like the truth ruin a good point, right? After all, he only has a little over 100 characters to make his point about how evil the Trump Administration is. So what’s a little lie going to hurt?

Of course, Lehrich also didn’t worry about letting his followers on Twitter know that the site visits the article talked about were preliminary in nature and that no decision had been made about where to house these children who entered the country illegally. That would totally take away from the impact of his false statement about how the government was going to warehouse them.

Then there’s Chelsea who simply couldn’t be bothered to correct the lie.

Somehow, I doubt she is calling Lehrich cruel. Nor is she pointing out that the article states the Administration is looking at four military bases “to evaluate their suitability to shelter children.” These children, according to the report, would have entered the United States illegally. That seems to be the first thing most liberals seem to forget. The “children” will be under the age of 18, so not all of them will be “children”, except in the strictest of legal terms. They may have entered the country without an adult relative OR they may have been separated from their parents. Now, I know the liberals are still harping  (or maybe hoping) about how evil the Trump Administration is and how ICE is going to start an “ethnic cleansing“, but trying to paint a picture of Nazi labor or death camps is going a bit far.

The irony of all this? Neither Chelsea nor Lehrich or any of those who so happily and mindlessly retweeting about how awful Trump is to be putting children in warehouses seem to recall the Obama Administration doing exactly what the current Administration is looking at. In January 2016, Obama’s Administration had to consider housing the “surge of illegal immigrants” at six military bases as well as two federal worker centers. But that was Saint Obama, so it didn’t count.

The double-standard that comes out of the Clintons, as well as out of so many liberals, is appalling. So is the level of falsehoods they will sink to in order to tear down the Administration. How difficult would it have been for Chelsea — or her handlers — to check the article and see if Lehrich had accurately represented what it said? A simple word search would have taken seconds. Reading the article, a couple of minutes. But, like her mother, she would rather go for impact than for the truth, at least in this particular matter.

Grow up, Chelsea, and try to set a real example. One where you think for yourself instead of blindly retweeting falsehoods. You aren’t very good at doing the political sidestep.


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