Bristol Palin and the DWTS Finals

Bristol Palin and the DWTS Finals

A total underdog and perennial target of the moonbat left, Bristol Palin has made it to the finals of “Dancing With the Stars.” She’s had no experience as a performer, certainly not as a dancer, and when you think about her, it’s incredible that she kept going at all, as the judges and others either tore her down or — when they saw the votes flowing in — were only modestly supportive. Week after week, Bristol has landed at the bottom of the judges’ scores, but she made it up time and again as regular people called in enough votes to overcome the blatant ‘Palin Derangement Syndrome’ the judges and others have imposed on her.

This week, the American people pushed Bristol ahead of judges’ fav Brandy in spite of their low scoring of her:

Last night, Bristol Palin made the finals of Dancing with the Stars, and I think nobody was more shocked than Brandy, who got eliminated. Brandy was so shocked she didn’t even congratulate Bristol! Brandy really wanted that spot; in face earlier in the show, they had shown us a video tape of her saying how much she wants it, and that she “humbly” thinks she deserves it. Most people would agree with her, but Bristol beat her out anyway.

So whatever the reason: Tea Party Conspiracy, Brandy’s arrogance, Bristol getting all the teen votes, Bristol working her “butt off,” or Mark Ballas’ incredibly good teaching…the question remains: Can Bristol win DWTS season 11?

I have only watched DWTS once — the finals when football great Emmitt Smith won a few years ago. I don’t really know if Bristol will win. But whether she does or not, a big wootie, woot, woot and congratulations to the shy, unassuming teenager who didn’t particularly ask to be thrust into the spotlight 2 years ago; who — as a teenager of a mom running for national public office — went through an accidental pregnancy in front of millions of people (many of whom took great joy at insulting her in any manner they found amusing); a young unmarried mother who hasn’t hidden herself away in shame after an overwhelming onslaught of lies and perverted fantasies of the left, but rather is trying in front of all of us, to simply dance.

Viewers voting is the point of the show right? Its about numbers in the end; the one with the most votes wins – kind of like elections. Just curious: how many of the haters out there who chronically take shots at Bristol Palin, are too big of a chicken to dance anywhere, including on crowded dance floor at a local club? Scores.

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  • David says:

    I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars and don’t plan to start now :p But your post makes good sense, It’s a voting show – and the ‘people have spoken’, apparently.

    I don’t know if Bristol and her partner will win, and I don’t ‘care’ – and I won’t be watching, but it’s true what you said about her enduring despite many of those who try to tear her down – CONSTANTLY.

    I’m a Conservative. As a Conservative I realize that those who “fall down” ought to be supported if they decide to “get back up”. I don’t advocate teen sex & other mistakes that people make, but Bristol’s decision to not kill the baby and also to soldier on and try to “make things right” and/or as best as they can be with an eye toward “life and light” is to be commended.

  • Micky says:

    The people are speaking again.
    But, is anyone listening ?

  • lisa says:

    “is anyone listening ?”

    yes, the dems are going nuts

  • jeff says:

    You’re right, Kate. I wouldn’t want 5 people to watch me dance (and neither would those unlucky 5). She’s got guts, like her Ma.

    I’ve never watched the show, and don’t think there’s enough likker to make me want to. But, I did hear something disturbing regarding that show yesterday morning, and I’m curious if anyone else did.

    At the top of the 9:00 hour, a local radio station took a break for “AP Radio News”.

    The newsman reporting on the DWTS story said the credit for Palin’s progress to the finals was due to overwhelming calls from, and I quote, “teabaggers.”

    The Associated Press. As implied, it’s a national feed.

    Anyone else hear that?

    Seriously, is that term more acceptable in a newscast than if I’d said “such-and-such group of faggots voted so-and-so off the island”?

    Apologies for being indelicate.

  • Micky says:

    Happy thanksgiving Kate ! 🙂

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