Bowdlerize Chicago of George Washington, demands Pastor

Bowdlerize Chicago of George Washington, demands Pastor

Bowdlerize Chicago of George Washington, demands Pastor

“Pastor” James Duke of Liberation Christian Center in Chicago is demanding the Emmanuel administration to rename parks and remove statues in south Chicago because President George Washington “owned slaves”.

A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive, at the northwest entrance to Washington Park.

Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, said he wants the statue gone, and he wants George Washington’s name removed from the park.

Human beings are inherently flawed. Our moral standing isn’t dependent on just one element, but it operates more as a bank account. Our good actions (words unsubstantiated by behavior are but counterfeit currency) are deposits, and with our bad actions acting as withdrawals.

Note who this moral cretin uses to compare to President Washington.

George Washington’s moral bank account is well on the plus side, regardless of his personal ownership of slaves. Why? Because slavery has been a constant universal since prehistoric times and so the unique thing about America is how the Founders worked to set up the eventual end of slavery. I say “has”, too, since slavery is still practiced in parts of the world under authoritarian and totalitarian control.

But no. Let’s tear down statues of George Washington, tag the Lincoln memorial with obscene graffiti, have major universities seriously offer racist programs and segregated housing without challenge.

Throughout history, in totalitarian regimes, the ascendant power puts maximum effort into erasing history of contradictory events and people. Whether it was Egyptian dynasties inscribing over older monuments to legitimize their reign or Stalin altering photographs to erase purged individuals, the freer a society, the more willing are people to accept their past, warts and all.

Leftists do not want a free society, so the horrible events in Charlottesville feed their pogroms against any who stand in their way.

Don’t be them.

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  • GWB says:

    I don’t have to wonder how ordinary Germans felt as they watched the brownshirts riot, and the ascendancy of their leaders.

    I no longer have to look to history books to understand how the French peasants felt as the Committee On Public Safety took form.

    I no longer have to read about the Soviet Union tearing down history and retouching/airbrushing photos to remove “un-persons”.

    I just have to look to my own communities, and the idiocy of the pantsless* blackshirts as they run amok, trying to purify the world to assuage their blackened souls.

    (* “pantsless”, in honor of the “sans culottes” who helped drive the French Revolution.)

  • Scott says:

    Well, that didn’t take long.. looks like this guy is intent on proving President Trump correct from his statements yesterday about where does it stop… I’m sure his leftist buddies thank him for that…

    • GWB says:

      Oh, you silly rightist, stop using those “slippery slope” arguments! SSM will never lead to the normalization of pedophilia or requests to normalize polygamy! You’re just being paranoid! Taking down those racist Confederate monuments will never lead to the removal of statues of Washington!

      Oops on that last one…. Well, SSM will still never lead to … oh, wait……..

  • Scott says:

    GWB, you forgot that gun registration will never lead to confiscation, speech codes will never lead to restriction of free speech, and the push for diversity on college campuses will never lead to segregation, and reverse discrimination…Come to think of it, I may have forgotten a couple as well…. I’ll get back to you on that..

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