Blame Baltimore Riots on the Nation’s Military? But, of course!

Blame Baltimore Riots on the Nation’s Military? But, of course!

Blame Baltimore Riots on the Nation’s Military?  But, of course!

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, comes out with a possible theory of why law enforcement may be getting a bad rap because of…

(Drum roll here)

….the young people in the military!

While conducting an interview with Democratic Maryland Representative Elijiah Cummings yesterday, CNN host Brooke Baldwin questioned whether the violence in Baltimore had something to do with the amount of military veterans in the police department.

Because, you know, Ms. Baldwin has done “extensive research”, we’re sure, to confirm that some military vets come out of combat situations and upon retiring or separating from their branch, may pursue a career in law enforcement.  Is this viable?  Of course.  Some also become executives. Or manual laborers.  Some even decide to go back and work for civilian government contractors and deploy right back to their “home base” in Afghanistan.  Some golf all day (and they have earned it.)

This, from the video above:

“A lot of these young people…and I love our nation’s veterans–but some of them are coming back from war, they don’t know the communities and they are ready to do battle.”

Baldwin has since taken to Twitter with an apology:

“Folks. Please don’t misunderstand me. Dear friends/family of mine are veterans. I was repeating a concern vocalized to me lately. That’s it.”

Baldwin has also taken to CNN this morning with an apology this morning:

“There is, and I just wanted to make sure I came on first thing this morning and just tell everyone I made a mistake yesterday. We were in the middle of live TV, I was talking to a member of congress, and I was recounting a story — a conversation I just had with someone recently just referring to police, and I absolutely misspoke. I inartfully chose my words a hundred percent, and i just wish, just speaking to all of you this morning, and I wholeheartedly retract what I said. I’ve thought tremendously about this, and to our nation’s veterans — to you, I have the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform, and I wanted you to know that this morning. So to all of you, I owe you a tremendous apology. I am truly sorry.”

While this all could have just been an innocent slip-of-the-tongue, the point is this rhetoric now takes on another spin and a seed is still planted.  To some, it’s yesterday’s news–apology accepted.  To some, the damage is already done.  An incident that had nothing to do with our nation’s military is now bringing our vets into the dialogue. Reading between the lines here, we may hear that former and retired military members may be to blame for these atrocities because they are fresh off the plane from being in a war zone and are ready to “do battle”.  They come home from a combat environment (some have PTSD) and are brought straight into law enforcement. And then, all hell breaks loose…

….therefore causing a riot?

Oh wait–it’s not a “riot”, it’s an “uprising”. Isn’t that what CNN Commentator Marc Lamont Hill said on Monday?

“We also, I think, have to be very careful about the language that we use to talk about this. I’m not calling these people rioters. I’m calling these uprisings, and I think it’s an important distinction to make.”

Uprisings.  Last time we checked our definitions of the word, “uprising” is synonymous with mutiny, insurgence, revolt, rebellion and oh yeah–wait for it, wait for it–


All because that soldier, Marine, airman or sailor has come home, decided to take a job in law enforcement and is “ready to do battle.”  Never mind ready for a meal that does not come from a chow hall or is not an MRE.  Never mind seeing his or her family.  Never mind sleeping in a real bed. Never mind having a beer after being in a dry country for 7 and a half plus months.  Nah.

If we think about it long enough, this all goes along with what our “Big Media Machine” would like the public to believe.  Movies about snipers are bad.  They promote violence, aggression and intolerance.  Therefore, the conclusion of some is that our military “promotes” violence, aggression and intolerance.  Sensible people all know this is not the case.  But to those whose agendas may be opposing our military, they’re going to take it and run with it.  And (gasp) don’t even think about hiring those military vets for those law enforcement positions now because when they return to U.S. soil–they may be “unstable” and “ready to do battle” and we could not have another Ferguson or Baltimore on our hands.

So, if we buy in and drink the Kool Aid, we will eventually come to the realization that war is a terrible thing and that our military service members past and present are war-crazy, gun-toting, unstable, unessential and unworthy of respect. After all, our world would be a much better place if we just disarmed and had sensible negotiations and “respected” the other side’s opinion despite the harm they do our innocents. Fighting terrorists=bad.  When it comes to rioting, though….we need to give rioters “room” to, yeah–riot (and destroy property, injure innocent people, loot businesses people of their very communities put their blood, sweat and tears into and disrespect law enforcement) because after all, they feel wronged and every one deserves a voice and they are just making a “statement”. They’re not “doing battle” they’re “uprising“. So please, give them the freedom and liberty to do that. They are “uprising” against the establishment and injustices that have plagued them for years, leaving city streets in the wake of destruction and they may exercise their rights and may even throw in a temper tantrum of stomping on and burning the American flag as a statement against this establishment and inequality.

Keep believing that heap of crazy and perhaps you will come to believe that the military are partially to blame for this and partially the reason for displays such as the above.  No violence, aggression, intolerance and disrespect depicted in this picture here, right?  These people are just “expressing themselves” because they’ve been wronged.  Somehow, the term “uprising” got confused somehow with “rising up.” While it may be a matter of opinion, you don’t “rise up” by burning your country’s flag.  You don’t “rise up” by hating on your country, torching businesses, breaking windows, throwing punches at and stealing from members in your community.  Just sayin’.

Eyeroll. Now all we need now are our friends in Hollywood to come on down to the streets of Baltimore to sound off.

Any takers?

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  • RE Ramcharan says:

    Luke 6:45 comes to life. “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” (ESV)

  • OC says:

    As a veteran of the Vietnam era, I keep seeing this mentality played out over and over. My brothers who came home were all bat shit crazy and were THAT CLOSE to breaking according to the MSM.
    These days it’s our young vets coming home from the sand box. Again, according to the MSM, they almost all suffer from PTSD.
    I would like to see Ms. Baldwin spanked on national TV to atone for her “mistake”.

    Great article Lisa!


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