Biden Didn’t See Afghanstan Withdrawal Cockup Coming

Biden Didn’t See Afghanstan Withdrawal Cockup Coming

Biden Didn’t See Afghanstan Withdrawal Cockup Coming

The Afghanistan withdrawal was a cockup of galactic proportions. At the time, the Deep State flacks all said that no one could have seen it coming. Joe Biden is not a mind reader, by his own admission. Joe and the Deep State losers may not have seen it coming, but any sentient being with the IQ of fresh hamburger saw it coming.

Victory Girls has written extensively regardin our thoughts on the flustercuck of the Afghanistan withdrawal. You can “Totally Unprepared”, “Intelligence Gone”, and “Americans Left Behind”. Those are just a sample of what we wrote. My dog, MacDuff, could have seen that coming. But Biden didn’t. Nothing went wrong and if something did go wrong it was Trump’s fault. In the ensuing months, the media moved on and the Deep State dazzled the masses with more shiny objects. But, some of us didn’t forget.

The Center to Advance Security in America (CASA) didn’t forget. They are not waiting for SecDef Austin, Chairman of JCOS Milley, Centcom’s General McKenzie, or the last man out of Afghanistan General Chris Donohue (featured image) to write an after action report. CASA has filed a petition in D.C. District Court to force the State Department to pony up some truth receipts:

This would include information “related [to the] vetting of Afghan refugees, and the number of U.S. citizens and lawful residents that were or were not evacuated from Afghanistan,” according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Biden administration has yet to provide the American public with a full accounting of those who were left behind in Afghanistan once the Taliban took over and American troops left the country, including the exact number of U.S. citizens and Afghans who aided the American government during the 20-year war.

We know the Afghans were not well-vetted. The orders to the military were to fill up the planes, no matter what. We saw the Afghans falling off the C-130s. We saw babies being handed to Marines. We saw the 13 dead U.S. military personnel.

According to HotAir:

CASA filed multiple Freedom of Information Act requests for all documents relating to these questions. Thus far, the White House and the Pentagon have refused all such requests and not entered into litigation when the denials were appealed. They have reportedly just ignored the FOIA process entirely and remained silent in violation of the FOIA laws.

“The criminal and terrorist networks in Afghanistan are real and they are extensive,” CASA said in a statement about its lawsuit. “Americans have a right to know the people being brought to our country are not tied to them. Yet the U.S. government continues to hide the records surrounding the vetting process of refugees from the country who were admitted to the United States. Nor is State willing to reveal the real number of Americans left behind or if legitimate warnings were brushed aside.”

Why, oh why, did we leave $7 billion in equipment behind? Why didn’t the State Department prepare for the withdrawal? Why didn’t General Donohue harden the security perimeter?

Three months ago, the Army blamed the Biden Administration.

Austin, Milley and McKenzie have all indicated that Biden overrode their advice. I believe it. Biden only pretends to empathy. I agree with this tweet from last year:

We need answers before the next war. Which, of course, may be quite soon thanks to Biden. We can’t have another cockup.

Featured Image: First Post/Centcom/cropped/Dod Photo

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  • RebeccaH says:

    Where is “freedom” in the Freedom of Information requests if they are simply ignored? Is this gangster government or what?

  • StvOh says:

    No need to invent new words like cockup and flustercluck. Just use the real words. Good article tho— spot-on.

  • Thank you for writing about this. The deaths and suffering caused by the Afghanistan withdrawal should get at least as much coverage as, say, President Trump’s 2019 phone call to Ukraine president Zelenskyy. That the thousands of heart-breaking stories haven’t been told says a lot about the priorities of the American mainstream media.

  • DC says:

    That Milley and others in the Pentagon Puzzle Palace
    didn’t resign over President Corn Pop’s commands is also problematic. There are good war time leaders. And good peace time leaders. I see no indications of either in the current administration.

  • Hominem Humilem says:

    I didn’t see anyone falling off C-130s (smaller, four-engine, straight wing, propellers), but did see some falling off C-17s (much larger, four-engine, swept wing, jet engines).

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