Benghazi Update: Special Select Committee Announced

Benghazi Update: Special Select Committee Announced

If you missed Bret Baier’s interview on Fox with Obamabot and former White House spokesman Tommy Vietor, then dude, you missed the epitome of the Obama administration’s disrespect and disdain for any news source they can’t control.  Not only was he disrespectful to Bret, but he was disrespectful to the families involved.  It’s pretty apparent they aren’t taking this seriously.

Tommy Vietor, former White House spokesman

A large BOOM revealed in this interview was that the President was NOT in the situation room.  Nope.  The attack was ongoing, and Ambassador Stevens was being kidnapped, tortured, and dragged from the compound.  Sean Smith was murdered.  Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were defending the rest of the consulate and the surviving staff before being killed in action, and the President was not in the situation room.  He was in the residence.  That is what Vietor said — probably luxuriating at home getting ready for his big fundraising jaunt to Las Vegas the next day. Sometimes a mani-pedi just can’t wait.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House, announced this morning a special committee on Benghazi. Well, it’s about damn time!

“Americans learned this week that the Obama Administration is so intent on obstructing the truth about Benghazi that it is even willing to defy subpoenas issued by the standing committees of the People’s House. These revelations compel the House to take every possible action to ensure the American people have the truth about the terrorist attack on our consulate that killed four of our countrymen,” he said in a statement.

“In light of these new developments, the House will vote to establish a new select committee to investigate the attack, provide the necessary accountability, and ensure justice is finally served.”

John Kerry has also been subpoenaed in regards to the blatant disregard that the State Department has for Congress when it comes to producing legal documents.  Do you say catsup or ketchup?

Meanwhile, good old Nancy Pelosi just wants us to move on.  “Why aren’t we talking about something else?”  I bet she didn’t ask that about Watergate — and four people didn’t die during the Watergate break-in.

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  • Jons says:

    “Probably luxuriating at home getting ready for his big fundraising jaunt to Las Vegas the next day. Sometimes a mani-pedi just can’t wait.”

    You insult your readers with this crap.

  • Phoenixgirl says:

    Jon…. You didnt actually follow this story from the beginning did you? Getting ready to Partyi with JayZ & Beyonce at a fundraiser was more important than send help to the 4 who died… I

  • JennaWoo says:

    Great blog!! Keep them coming!! “Mani and pedis” lol love it! I heard he’s also now taking selfies.

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