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Ben Affleck, Meet the Kettle

Political Analyst Ben Affleck picked Mitt Romney to be the GOP’s nominee for the presidential election in 2008:

Chatting about the upcoming presidential race on the season finale of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the Cambridge homey said he thinks the GOP will end up with Romney because the ex-gov looks good, has nice hair – and the Republicans really don’t have anyone else.

“He says he doesn’t like abortion and he’s all clean-cut and he looks like a Ken doll,” said Affleck who was doing a rather amusing imitation of our ex-gov during the Romney rant.

“The Mormonism thing is really suspect,” he added, “but they’ll take it at this point. I mean, who else do they have? Crazy (Rudy) Giuliani and (John) McCain who’s completely insane? They don’t have any other options.”

“‘I hate liberals,’ is what he’s [Romney’s] basically now saying. He’s holding his nose saying, ‘I wish I didn’t even have to be in Massachusetts. I’m sorry I was there. I hated them when I was governor. I hated Massachusetts. I was governor because I wanted to kill them all!’”

The GOP has no one better than Romney, McCain, or Giuliani?

Well, we have Duncan Hunter, a Vietnam Veteran who was an Army Ranger as well as a member of the 173rd Airborne Division, and was the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and also wrote the Secure Fence Act to build 854 miles of fencing along our border. He’s my pick, anyways.

And at least we aren’t stuck with Shrillary “Let’s-socialize-all-industry-and-turn-into-a-communist-nation-because-I-know-better-than-you” Clinton; or Barack “I’m-so-tired-that-I-keep-saying-stupid-things-but-I’m-only-in-my-forties” Obama; or John “I’m-on-my-way-to-a-$400-haircut-but-is-that-an-ambulance-I-hear??” Edwards.

But on to the real juicy part: Ben Affleck called someone else a Ken doll as an insult?!

Uh, Ben, honey? You might wanna take a look in the mirror before you insult someone for being a pretty boy-Ken doll look-a-like. Just a suggestion. I mean, hello! Pot, meet the kettle. Notice how you’re both black?

Maybe he and John Edwards can go to a spa and get $225 in “services” together!

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