Because Catherine wants to know…

Because Catherine wants to know…

Brace yourselves. I want to ask readers of this blog a few questions. 

I have always loved to write and pontificate on a number of subjects.  This began at an early age when I wrote my fourth grade teacher to let her know about how “stupid” the boys were in our class. 

stupid boys 

The two things I enjoy writing about the most and am most passionate and interested in are politics and food.  I know a bit more about one subject over the other, but I’ll let you guess which one is which.  And both subjects have devotees of very strong opinions.  We’ve all seen what happens when you throw a conservative and a liberal together on Twitter for an epic 8 hour battle of 140 character wits.  Try that between a classically trained devotee of sous vide and a country cook with an electric fry pan.   It’s ugly.  That’s why I like to coat both subjects with a thick slathering of snark.  If you get too serious about either, things can come to blows pretty quickly.  I wish I could be more scholarly in my approach…but…nah….I’m just a  smartass.  And lazy. 

But I haven’t been feeling the love or the snark when writing about politics, or specifically, the depressing and frightening state of our country, which actually has far transcended usual politics.  Beginning a blog post just about anything in current affairs brings me to a stop, a sigh, and a sinking feeling in the bottom of my soul.   Even whispering “Breitbart Lives!” brings little enthusiasm for snappy syntax.  People…I need some encouragement….some direction….a slap and a shake.   

My own reading of my favorite bloggers…Victor Davis Hanson, Mark Steyn, Glenn Reynolds has and still does rouse me to think deeply and completely.  Their well-rounded and educated essays inspire and entertain.  I’ll never be at that level, but I think there is room and necessity for writers that aren’t polished or degreed or 28 pages long.  After reading a magnificent VDH piece, I’m either in tears or overcome with such heady thoughts and phrases, I need a nap. 

At times I feel I am in a circle jerk and I am writing missives to the choir.  (I bet you never thought you’d see “circle jerk” and “choir” in the same sentence, did you?) Does the blogging world….the blogging world of conservatives change anybody’s mind?  Specifically a liberal mind?  Cause I don’t need to change a conservative mind….I just need to keep my fellows entertained and informed.  And that gets tedious, unless I feel I’m making a difference.  Does your typical  East Coast progressive read, a post here at Victory Girls…and think, “say, maybe this government…this President…isn’t the best thing for my country?!”  Or do they, as usual, respond with “Bush! And you’re a racist”?

And more specific to me, as a writer here….what do you, as a reader, want to feel and think after you’ve read a blog post?  Educated?  Enlightened?  Inspired?  Entertained?  My vanity requires that you at least like it and at the most, that you take away a sense of purpose and determination to go out and do battle with the forces of liberalism.  Because, reader….I fervently and secretly wish to make that difference.  I think all of us here wish to make that small, but significant difference.

So…those are my thoughts and questions.  And I hope your answers can give me not only more specific direction for my writing but my own diminishing sense of meandering determination and purpose back to me. 

Can you give me your own thoughts??

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  • Jodi says:

    You expressed eloquently exactly how I feel, Catherine. I, too, want to know.

  • Do any of us make a difference? Probably not much as individual bloggers but maybe as a whole? I know that’s not much of a response, but it’s never stopped me from stirring deep waters and hoping for a a great wave. Just keep on keepin’ on and I’ll keep on reading and being inspired and enlightened, and entertained.

  • Stephen says:

    Catherine, your blog convinces me I’m not a lone idiot against the world. I gain three primary benefits from reading your blog:
    – A feeling that I’m not alone in my thoughts. Since much of the work world is so politically correct, I can’t talk about my thoughts about politics unless its in a whisper and it is with people who won’t find my thoughts offensive. It is too easy to feel that no one else shares my feelings, because everything printed seems to disagree with me. I’ve found a community of people with whom I feel ok to share my thoughts and feelings, and it can be found in your link bar.
    – Analysis and information that I wouldn’t come up on my own. I learn a lot from reading what others think. I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t always come up with the brightest answers, and I’m happy to shamelessly repeat the best analysis I see on the blogs, including this one. I deliberately read a bunch of political analysis that I disagree with, just to make sure I don’t get involved with the “circle jerk” of like-minded folks
    – Reading Mark Steyn and Victor Davis Hanson tends to make me feel like an idiot and , no offence, but reading this blog and the many like it make me that I’m not. My thoughts often mirror yours, but you’ve taken the time and effort to write them out eloquently whereas my thoughts are usually just a jumble in my head. It is amazing to read your thoughts out loud at home, and to hear them repeated by my friends and family later on.

    You are fighting the good fight, and helping a lot of us out there get our thoughts in conhearent form. Thank you very much for all you do.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you, Stephen…that truly does warm my heart. I think every blogger wants to make a difference and at times it FEELS disheartening and unrewarding. To sound corny, I don’t think John Adams and the rest of them had time or luxury to parse over their angst….and neither should I. I’ll just keep swinging and see what happens. I am truly grateful for your comments and take them deep to heart. Thank you.

  • ALman says:

    Once, there was a professor conducting a course seminar style. He would begin a session speaking on a particular topic. After a time, a discussion would begin between the students. Point after point after point after point was made. Meanwhile, the professor sat patiently, listening. The point after point after point continued until there was a pause, as if all points that could be expressed had been. The professor looked around the room and without a bit of malice or sarcasm quietly asked, “What is the question?”
    Sheepishly, the seminar participants looked at each not knowing how to respond. Their discussion had taken so many twists and turns they couldn’t even identify the original statement made by the professor that “jump started” their cornucopia of “points.”

    In general, I think much of internet blogging is like this. So much is posted that the original question, if there ever was one, is soon lost to most readers. All too frequently, blogs begin with answers without being clear what the underlying question is. And, the blogs are often, indeed, “preaching to the choir.” I don’t know how many bloggers are ready to, have the experience, or are even willing to attempt a moderating discussion between those of polar viewpoints, especially given some of the hostile, nasty posting that takes place.

    As to your blog, I think you make every effort to have informed, thoughtful, and reasoned articles. Also, when a link is called for, as a resource, it is provided. This is something which says to the reader here’s my resource, don’t take my word for it, check it out. Overall, while I find the blog timely, it is not scandal-mongering or sensationalizing.

    Finally, I would add that if your intention is to be a resource for informed discussion by like-minded individuals there’s a need for that. If your intent is to draw persons of varying viewpoints together for discussion in a civil manner, there’s a need for that as well. Be well. Do good work. Love life.

    • Catherine says:

      ALman….I do hope you are a ‘writer’….to add to ‘gentleman’ and ‘scholar’….and friend.

      • ALman says:


        Thank for your kind, kind words. I’m not sure my comments are deserving of them. They are, however, so appreciated and made my day, week even. Not a writer; just a scribbler.

        Best to you and all the VictoryGirls!

  • Dana says:

    Blogging lets you know that you aren’t alone out there, and what conservative victories there have been are in large part due to the internet, and the destruction of the gatekeeping function of the professional media, which stifled the expression of opinion they didn’t like. Rush Limbaugh began to break that, on radio, before the internet, and then the internet opened the floodgates.

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