Barney Frank smacks down Code Pink!!

Barney Frank smacks down Code Pink!!

You know, there’s not much Barney Frank ever does or says that I approve of. The guy is 99.9% useless, and needs to just disappear. And fast.

Yet this video is filled with sheer awesome!!! Barney Frank lays the smack down on Code Pink for acting like… well, for acting like Code Pink, which basically means acting like immature twelve-year-olds trying to get attention. Code Pink is completely unable to have any kind of intelligent debate, and Barney Frank completely called them out on it. Granted, it’s a little ironic to see Barney Frank calling anyone irrational, immature, silly, and stupid… but all the same, it’s still valid criticism in this case!

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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  • Smokey says:

    The reason is obvious. Code Pink is a women’s organization. Frank likes men, he doesn’t like women. QED.

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