Austin Bombing Suspect Dead

Austin Bombing Suspect Dead

Austin Bombing Suspect Dead

This morning, more than most mornings, relief fills the state of Texas. After more than two weeks of terror, the citizens of Texas, and especially those in Austin, can rest easy. The Austin bombing suspect who terrorized the area is dead. Authorities located him in Round Rock where, instead of surrendering, he detonated a bomb he had with him in his car. While the state breathes easier, the story isn’t yet over. In fact, it is far from it.

Over the last week or so, hundred of federal, state and local law enforcement officers have swarmed the Texas capital. Evidence from each successive explosion was sent to Quantico for analysis. Holding their cards close to their figurative vest, the authorities tracked the evidence and narrowed their search. The break came when U. S. Marshalls secured video from a local FedEx storefront where two explosive devices had been left for shipment. One of those devices detonated in the Shartz FedEx distribution center. One worker was injured. A second device was located after FedEx employees reported a suspicious package. As a result of what was seen on the security footage from FedEx and other evidence gathered during the course of the investigation, the Austin bombing suspect was identified around 9 pm last night. (For a timeline of the bombings and investigation, check here.)

Using cell phone information, the authorities located the suspect in Williamson County, just outside of Austin. When they moved in to make an arrest, a chase ensues. There were reports of shots fired. When the suspect attempted to drive off, the authorities moved in. The end result saw the bomber detonating a bomb he had in his car. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley has confirmed the suspect died in the explosion.

Even in death, the Austin bombing suspect continued to cause harm. One SWAT officer was reported injured as a result of the blast when the suspect “detonated himself”, according to Austin P.D.

Even though the bomber is dead, authorities are telling people in the Austin area to continue to be vigilant. There is the possibility of more bombs being out there. Even though they had narrowed in on the suspect, a 24-year-old man, they don’t know his motivation or how many other explosive devises he might have deployed. As part of their continuing investigation, authorities are now at the suspect’s home, waiting to make entry.

So, while Austin can breathe a little easier this morning, the story is far from over. Why did he do it? Are there any other packages out there? Was he working alone? Why didn’t he surrender? These are questions the authorities are hoping to answer and, until they do, Austin will remain on edge.


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  • GWB says:

    Why didn’t he surrender?
    Because these sorts of folks are narcissistic cowards. It’s part of the profile, generally.

    I always like a story with a happy ending. And, no, I don’t have any compassion for this guy – he was a terrorist. And I’m very happy when bombers blow themselves up without killing anyone else. (Prayers for the SWAT guy that was injured.)

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