#AskPotus Q&A Tackles Climate Change And NBA, Ignores Iraq And ISIS

#AskPotus Q&A Tackles Climate Change And NBA, Ignores Iraq And ISIS

#AskPotus Q&A Tackles Climate Change And NBA, Ignores Iraq And ISIS

Our Duffer In Chief had a busy day yesterday.  Florida and the extremely grave, dangerous even, issue of climate change was all he could talk about.

78Obama 052915 Hurricane AD

First he attended the annual hurricane briefing and offered up his own less than scientifically credible knowhow about this issue:

Then, before his next golf game, he decided to play 20 Question game on Twitter! As you can imagine, the #AskPotus Q&A went swimmingly:

As I’m sure everyone has figured out, he didn’t answer those questions nor a multitude of others. In fact, he didn’t answer any questions about health care, taxes, hanging out with GloZell, or the crappy Iran deal. Evidently answering just 4 questions about climate change was all he could handle. After that, he reaffirmed that 2 years of free community college is a must, then it was NBA all the way!

The Twitter Q&A didn’t last very long.  I think he got bored and was wondering how soon he could book and head to the nearest golf course:

Well, while he’s all rhyming and stuff, the rest of the crew at the White House was just as busy. Only they were throwing Iraq under the bus. Oh, but haven’t they done so repeatedly you ask? Well yes. However, it seems there are more buses available and the White House just rolled one right over Iraq’s fight against ISIS.

“The United States is not going to be responsible for securing the security situation inside of Iraq,” Press Secretary Josh Earnest told Fox News.

Wow. So, even though we now know that many Iraqi fighters, who were trained by U.S. soldiers, abandoned Ramadi because they couldn’t handle ISIS, Iraq is going to have to deal with that very well-funded terrorist group on their own? Oh wait! we’ll give them air support, that’ll help tons! Right?

The new “in” thing for the White House may be micromanagement on steroids, but it sure isn’t helping the success of the current air campaign that was designed to stop the ISIS JV Team in its tracks. If anything I’d say its accomplishing just the opposite. Why else are there ever increasing numbers of foreign fighters running to join up with ISIS? In fact, the ISIS recruitment campaign is going so well that some of the newbies are quite familiar to the U.S. forces who trained them:

Col. Gulmurod Khalimov, who disappeared in April, was the commander of special forces for the Tajik Interior Ministry. Reporting for the Washington Post, Ishan Tharoor tells us that it is now known Khalimov is in Syria and has joined Team ISIS, and this dude had a few things to say about us:

Khalimov received training from elite instructors in Russia as well as in the United States, according to a U.S. official. He had choice words for foreign governments.
“Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been three times to America, and I saw how you train fighters to kill Muslims,” he said. “God willing, I will come with this weapon to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you.”

So, never mind that people we’ve trained are now taking up arms against us. Never mind the fact that Obama and his pal Bill Nye (the one with ZERO degrees in meteorology) wouldn’t know credible climate science if it whapped them upside the head like a hurricane. Golf and playing on Twitter is where its at! Shhhh!! Its time for that all-important putt:

Missed Putt

Oopsy daisy!  Missed it by thaaattt much. But never you mind. Iraq is being hung out to dry regarding ISIS, and we won’t help those in the Anbar province because Iran might get their shorts in a knot. I’m sure that will totally reassure the 6 Gulf Nations who attended the stupendous Camp David Tea Summit earlier this month.

So lets get our priorities in order people!! Tweet #AskPotus all the questions you’d like, but please don’t ask him about Iraq, ISIS, our allies, healthcare, or anything remotely serious. That’s so yesterday. Our new mission in life is to keep the majority of our tweets focused on climate shenanigans, the NBA, and golf.  So, to one and all… go forth and tweet!

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  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Name the next destructive hurricane “Barack” as a tribute to your bad boy President.

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