As Tweeters Mock EEOC Gadsden Flag Ban, Navy Allows “Don’t Tread On Me” Uniform Patch

As Tweeters Mock EEOC Gadsden Flag Ban, Navy Allows “Don’t Tread On Me” Uniform Patch

As Tweeters Mock EEOC Gadsden Flag Ban, Navy Allows “Don’t Tread On Me” Uniform Patch

Perhaps you’ve heard about Barack Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s ludicrous attempt to ban Gadsden flags in places of employment. The agency has decreed that the iconic flag could be perceived as racist, and therefore might cause a “hostile work environment.” Now just how the ultimate symbol of the American Revolution, indeed of liberty itself, could be viewed as racist, by anyone, is beyond me. For further reading, see Nina’s blog here. In response, Twitter’s Mock and Shame Committee are quite busy. How? By creating suitable replacements acceptable to the Leftist Cupcakes hell-bent on banning anything that dares suggest dependence upon an all-powerful central government is—gasp!—bad:

And then there’s the kinder-gentler Gadsden:

You get the picture. So, amidst the continued trampling of free speech by the Obama administration, comes a little bit of sanity. Following the manufactured flag crisis, our illustrious U.S. Navy released this announcement with regard to its First Navy Jack, comparable in appearance to the Gadsden Flag:

Along with announcing Aug. 5 that they would soon be ditching the blue digital camouflage Navy Working Uniform Type I, the U.S. Navy said it will also allow the popular “Don’t Tread On Me” patches for its uniforms and would offer new insignia for its boat driving commandos.

As of Oct. 1, any sailor wearing the woodland digital NWU Type III duds can sport the DTOM flag patch in the same camouflage scheme. SEALs and other Naval Special Warfare Unit sailors, or those specifically authorized to wear the desert digital NWU Type II, may also wear a similarly-camouflaged DTOM patch.

But wait. Isn’t that patch racist? Aren’t they worried that the sight of it might trigger their very own sailors into fits of uncontrollable hysteria and the immediate need for a safe space, a cup of warm milk, and a crayon? In a word: no.

The Navy’s permission for sailors to wear the Don’t Tread On Me patches puts to rest a controversy prompted by a Republican congressional candidate two years ago who said SEALs had been barred from wearing the popular patch over fears it had a political connection to the conservative Tea Party.

Here’s a bit of background on that nonsense:

As the Washington Post reported at the time, the patch is actually a derivative of the First Navy Jack flag used by the Continental Navy during the American Revolution and was authorized by then-Navy Sec. Gordon England for use on ships after the 9/11 attacks.

Reports indicated the SEALs were barred from wearing the DOTM flag patch for a short time after leaders realized there were no standards for the new digital camouflage outfits. Shortly after the controversy erupted, Naval Special Warfare authorized the DOTM wear for Navy commandos. Now the service is giving the go-ahead for all sailors to don the Revolutionary War-era flag.

The Gadsden flag, very similar to the First Navy Jack. Where's the hostility? (Photo Credit: We Are the Mighty)
The Gadsden flag, very similar to the First Navy Jack. Where’s the hostility? (Photo Credit: We Are the Mighty)

Sound racist or hostile to you? Or is it that the Obama administration, like so many would-be autocracies before it, fears revolt from the modern-day peasants it’s invested nearly eight years attempting to convince that mass government dependency is necessary for our collective survival? Methinks it’s the latter. And the same response should be given it that all those brave men and women who fought and died so courageously all those hundreds of years ago gave their tyrant: the collective finger.

Benjamin Franklin's "Join, or Die" cartoon, circa 1751. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
Benjamin Franklin‘s “Join, or Die” cartoon, circa 1751. It’s Freedom, Stupid. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

So, perhaps Obama’s EEOC might want to 1) retract its asinine, bullying degree to private businesses, 2) review the first amendment, and 3) read a history book or two. Though its version is not a direct relative of the Gadsden, thankfully we have a U.S. Navy that fully understands, and honors, our history, even if their Commander-in-Chief, and an ill-informed former GOP candidate, do not.

Now how about a discussion on dismantling the unconstitutional, overreaching EEOC? Defiance. It’s quintessentially American.

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