Army “Two Moms” Commercial Smashes Stereotypes

Army “Two Moms” Commercial Smashes Stereotypes

Army “Two Moms” Commercial Smashes Stereotypes

It looks like the United States Army Public Affairs Division got a really bad case of pea green envy after the personnel got a gander at the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Humans of the CIA” ad campaign. The military’s public relations’ people said, “You have your cisgender millennial”; we have a soldier with two Moms.” No, I kid you not.

In case you missed the CIA’s recruiting ad with the cisgender millennial, you can watch it here. I want the people at the CIA to be good at being international men (and women) of mystery, or great data analysts, or great managers. Cisgender millennial is in the basement of my wishlist. But, the P.R. people and brass at the Army took that as a challenge.

I am going to assume that this was approved by the very top brass at the Pentagon. John E. Whitley, formerly with the Second Ranger Battalion and currently Acting Secretary of the Army, must have signed off on this, right? A recruiting advertisement that is way off the bubble from any ad the Army has ever done before had to get approval from at least Whitley and maybe even LLoyd Austin, Secretary of Defense.

Okay, I am going to show you the Two Moms recruiting ad now. Be prepared. It’s actually titled “Emma, The Calling”. Here it is courtesy of Matt Walsh’s Twitter feed:

Alright, my military veteran friends, take a moment. Deep breaths. Generals Patton and McArthur are spinning like tops. Look, I am sure that Corporal Emma Malonelord is excellent at her job working with the Patriot Missile Systems. I don’t care how she was raised. I don’t care if she had two mommies or was in a sorority. For real player, she told us she was in a sorority at the University of California Davis. This is the most fakakta ad I have ever seen. Worse than the CIA ad because The Calling is in cartoon form. CARTOON! This would be a joke if it weren’t so sick.

Corporal Malonelord mentions pride several times. Not pride in The Constitution, not pride in a Nation that protects the rights of the individual, not pride in a nation that fought a war to end the scourge of slavery. It’s not about being a member of a team and working for something greater than herself. No, for Corporal Malonelord, it’s all about her.

The UK Daily Mail aggregated a few comments on the ad:

‘Wow. First it was the woke CIA ad, now it is a super-woke woke animated army recruitment ad featuring a lesbian wedding, an LGBT rights parade and women ‘shattering stereotypes’ by joining the world’s largest killing machine.’ one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted: ‘The Army has joined the CIA in being super woke, putting out an recruitment add featuring a lesbian wedding and an LGBT rights parade. I don’t care about how people want to live their private lives, but I only want people who will protect and defend our country 100% of the time.’

‘Army releases recruitment advertisement featuring lesbian wedding – Our new “woke” military would be a joke if it didn’t compromise our readiness and national security,’ someone else tweeted.

Another user agreed, tweeting: ‘Warriors fight and win wars. Going woke is going to get Soldiers killed. You should choose another profession…The Army posts their own super woke recruitment ad that features a lesbian wedding.’

Wokey, wokey, wokeristas. Biden has made us a laughing stock. The CIA and Army have said, “Hold our beers.”

I have an antidote for y’all. A great Army ad for 2011:

That music is so inspirational. Real soldiers, not cartoons, doing real Army stuff. Team work. The jersey only comes in one size, “Legendary”. Dayum. Train like you fight, right. Emma’s Calling just doesn’t do it.

I would love to hear the thoughts of our military veterans. I already talked to two female veteran friends. They were insulted.

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  • Scott says:

    Well, as a vet (not combat), i don’t really have the words…

    Maybe this is all part of Gropey Joe and the Ho’s plan.. If the leaders of our enemies are laughing so hard they piss their pants, they won’t have the time / focus to attack us… yeah, that’s it.. must be.. can’t be that national command authority, and the worthless sec def are intentionally weakening our military, and encouraging our enemies to take advantage of the opportunity…

  • Cameron says:

    My response?

    Thank God I’m out.

    • GWB says:

      But you’re not. You’re still in the America they guard. You will still suffer for this.

    • Roke8 says:

      As a Vietnam Vet, I think that is a ‘long time’ GI’, that their should be “point woMan” in the ”Squad!’

  • GWB says:

    This is part of a steady trend, though. Anyone else remember the grammatically idiotic “Army of One”?

    • Toni Williams says:

      GWB – that ad lasted way too long. Hopefully, this one will disappear into the trashcan of failed ads much faster.


  • Skillyboo says:

    Methinks they’re assembling a military who will have no qualms turning their weapons on those Americans who the government says threatens it. That’s why they say the number one threat to America is White supremacy. They’re building a narrative.

  • Scott says:

    Yep, you nailed it.. gun running gangs are A-OK in the Army, but supporting the Constitution?? That’s white supremacy..

  • Scott says:

    Yep, you nailed it.. gun running gangs are A-OK in the Army, but supporting the Constitution?? That’s white supremacy..

  • 15Fixer says:

    Fragging is still a thing…….

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