Anti-Drag Queen NY Councilwoman Vickie Paladino Booted

Anti-Drag Queen NY Councilwoman Vickie Paladino Booted

Anti-Drag Queen NY Councilwoman Vickie Paladino Booted

New York Councilwoman Vickie Paladino is being punished for her views on Drag Queen Story Hour. She says it is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars. Agreed. But now she has been taken off a committee because she refused to follow the mob of “inclusivity.”

To be fair, the councilwoman isn’t anti-drag queen; she simply doesn’t want taxpayer dollars paying for your children to be indoctrinated by the Drag Queen Story Hour movement.

First, let’s talk about this video that was uploaded on June 22, 2022, where Vickie Paladino apologized for some of her comments regarding the drag queen community:

Evidently, Paladino apologized for offending anyone personally involved in the drag community but said she is NOT sorry for saying that taxpayers should not be paying for drag queen story hour in schools.

And now, the councilwoman has been removed from the mental health committee because she opposes Drag Queens in elementary schools. So, folks, here we have more pushing out of any kind of opposition to the LGBTQ plus plus plus community’s insistence on grooming your children with drag queen story hour.

Paladino also calls out Council Speaker Adrienne Adams by saying Adams is being bullied by the indoctrination cabal and, as a result, caved into their demands.

Quote pulled from the New York Post by the councilwoman-

“Parents are now realizing the harmful content in their classrooms and are working every day to take their power back from the radicals who believe they have a right to indoctrinate children.

“Our kids are lagging in school,” she continued. “They are two and four years behind in basic education, math, reading, science, they need to get back to basics. … and to concentrate our efforts on drag queens seems like a terrible waste of time and energy.”

That’s right, a waste of time and energy indeed. Are the schools even teaching math and science and history and English anymore?

But it is much more than a waste of time and energy. This is a pedal to the metal full-speed ahead movement of instruction and training from woke leftists who want to bring up generations of future militants and perverts. If you think that language is harsh, I am not sorry.

Vickie Paladino goes on to say…

Paladino, 68, has called the city-funded programs that bring fully-bedecked drag queens into public schools and libraries to read to and socialize with kids — often without the consent or knowledge of parents — “cultural indoctrination” and “child grooming.”

The New York Councilwoman may be booted from a committee, but at least she can still do this:

Good for her. Bring the students to you.

Other Indoctrinations

You hear about school district after school district failing to teach America’s children the basic fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic. And, unfortunately, Milwaukee Public Government Schools have decided to just go ahead and teach activism.

You’ve also heard and read the story about Arizona Christian University snuffed out by another woke school district, Washington Elementary Public School. The school board isn’t renewing its contract with the university. They are Christians, so let’s not do business with them. Let’s not include the Christians with their family values.

Of course, they disguise their movement as diversity, equity, and inclusivity. So yeah, their idea of inclusion is to push out anything related to Christian family values.

Is anyone else seeing that the same people who want to sexualize your kids with the likes of drag queens in the name of inclusivity are also the same people who want to annihilate the family unit and anything related to Christian values?

Feature Image from Pexels: Photo by cottonbro studio – no license required.


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  • Cameron says:

    We have to start pushing back hard against the groomers. And stop apologizing for our opposition to them.

  • 370H55V I/me/mine says:

    There are now six (count ’em) Republicans on the NYC Council–including one recent Dem convert.
    Still a well-outnumbered minority, but numbers enough to make a lot of noise. Hope they keep it up and perhaps bolster their numbers by one or two more this year.

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