Syrian Refugee Murders Pregnant Woman With Machete In #Reutlingen, Germany [VIDEO]

Syrian Refugee Murders Pregnant Woman With Machete In #Reutlingen, Germany [VIDEO]

Syrian Refugee Murders Pregnant Woman With Machete In #Reutlingen, Germany [VIDEO]

In as many days it seems that Germany has once again suffered a terrorist attack. Perpetrated by yet another refugee, this time from Syria, a pregnant woman was hacked to death with a machete in Reutlingen which is just south of Stuttgart. German authorities are referring to the attack as a “crime of passion” so I will be interested to find out what the relationship between the perpetrator and his victim was. Thankfully after the man murdered his victim and injured two others, a passing BMW driver took it upon himself to run the perpetrator over in order to stop him from attacking anyone else.


The attack comes after a week of attacks that have rocked Germany to its core. An Iranian immigrant living in Germany opened fire on children and others in a McDonald’s in Munich while screaming “Allah ackbar!!”, Deanna wrote about it yesterday here. Prior to that an Afghan refugee attacked Germans with an ax and a knife on a train running between two cities in the Bavarian region of the country. Investigators found that the attacker just happened to have an ISIS flag on his wall, and he came to the country as an “unaccompanied refugee”. It seems that the enemy is once again at the Gates of Vienna but this time it seems that there is no one who is willing to fight them back.

Angela Merkel has a lot to look sour about lately

Angela Merkel and her ilk certainly aren’t. After all it was her open door immigration policy that let in one million refugees from the embattled Middle East last year. Since accepting that influx of refugees Germany has been suffering attacks at the hands of their “guests”. Most notably the German police have recently determined that they have “reason for grave concern” over the increase of child sex attacks happening in Germany since the migrants were allowed to settle there as a report released earlier this month confirms.

“The internal report was issued for officers of the Criminal Commisariat 12 – responsible for sex crimes and missing persons – and states: ‘The K12 can confirm a surge in sex crimes at these establishments.

‘In particular rape and the sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments have given us grave cause for concern.

‘The perpetrators are, for the most part, immigrants.’

Many cities, including Munich and Berlin, have posted charts in numerous languages stating that women wearing skimpy bathing costumes are not telegraphing that they are available for sex and must not be touched inappropriately in any way.

The memo from the Duesseldorf sex crimes unit comes as the open-air pool season in Germany is in full swing.

It stemmed from a meeting of sex crime officers on June 15 in which the escalating incidents – including two rapes at a swimming pool – were discussed.

The clarification of the cases was ‘particularly difficult’ because of the numbers of people in the mobs.

Officers vowed to improve their policing methods including more photofits of suspects together with accurate description of their clothing at the time of the attacks.

A police spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the document and said it was a meeting designed to assure the quality of investigative work.”

As someone who has lived in Germany I can tell you that this is beyond shocking to me. The German people were welcoming and genuine and unfortunately, their kindness has been betrayed by these refugees in the worst possible way.

machete attacker
A German policeman stands guard over the machete used to kill a pregnant woman south of Stuttgart Sunday

This latest attack should bring to the German people’s attention their most serious challenges, unfortunately the Munich attack just brought about talk of increased gun control in Germany. A hint to our German friends-it is not the gun, nor the ax or even the machete that you should blame for these attacks. It is the human beings who are perpetrating them. That is where your focus should be.


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