Why Are American Taxpayers Subsidizing Chinese Companies? [VIDEO]

Why Are American Taxpayers Subsidizing Chinese Companies? [VIDEO]

Why Are American Taxpayers Subsidizing Chinese Companies? [VIDEO]

While the Democrat Clown Show in regards to Judge Kavanaugh continues, there are other important issues that need our attention. With the explosion of eCommerce, the vast majority of American taxpayers are ignorant to the fact that everything shipped to them from China has a hidden cost.

Every package from China only costs $1.50 to ship. American Taxpayers make up the difference

The Universal Postal System is an agency of the United Nations based on a treat more than 100 years old. It still lists China as a Group III country on par with Botswana. Last I looked, the era of Chinese rickshaws and profound poverty is about 40-50 years out-of-date.

Chinese counterfeits cost Americans – twice

Jayme Smaldone, owner of Mighty Mug and featured in the video above, was also recently interviewed by Kenny Malone of NPR. Here they discuss when Smaldone discovered his mug was being counterfeited in China and shipped to American at taxpayer expense.

MALONE: A few years ago, knockoff versions of this so-called Mighty Mug started popping up all over the world. And so Jayme bought one of these.

SMALDONE: For $5.69, free shipping from China.

MALONE: Five dollars and 69 cents total, including shipping. And Jayme turns to his shipping guy and says, wait; how much would it cost us just to ship this same mug across the street?

SMALDONE: He told me it’s going to cost us about 6.30 to ship this item across the street.

MALONE: Somehow, Jayme’s foreign competitor could manufacture and deliver a mug to a U.S. address for less than he pays to just ship the mug. When he started to look into how this was possible, Jayme discovered the answer had to do with a quiet, powerful organization called the Universal Postal Union.

Chinese ecommerce subsidized by American Taxpayers

Ever try to return something to China and come to realize that the shipping costs may be more than the original cost you paid?

Make no mistake, this isn’t by any definition free trade.
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  • scott says:

    Seems this is something that the President should include in his tariff discussion, as well as at the next UN meeting.. maybe have Ambassador Haley take it up…

  • GWB says:

    The Universal Postal System is an agency of the United Nations
    Well, honestly, there’s your problem right there: the UN.

    Of course, there’s also subsidy issues, the fact that a great many Chinese companies are owned to some extent by the PLA, and a measure of sweatshop-level activities.

    Trump, in his focus on tweets, tends to not delineate that most of the “free trade” that’s out there is mostly “free” on our end – not so much on the other.

  • Ewin Barnett says:

    I wonder what the total federal budget line item cost of the postal union subsidy is. I wonder how many one and two employee sized US niche business opportunities this subsidy has destroyed? The median household income in rural America is well below $50,000 per year. Thus funding every $1 million of subsidy consumes the entire annual income of at least 20 rural households.

  • Pablo says:

    We also pay for the piles and piles of junk mail sent by junkers in the US at MUCH cheaper rates than a letter to grandma. The problem is GOVERNMENT, too big for its britches and hemorrhaging money everywhere.

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