America and Her Citizens, My Forever Valentines

America and Her Citizens, My Forever Valentines

America and Her Citizens, My Forever Valentines

America is my Valentine, and I am here to unabashedly tell you that it’s her everyday citizens who make her special. Her political leaders will come and go, and undoubtedly try to change her. But they will fail. America is a belief beyond politics, as true to her people as they are to her. Treasure her, honor her, and keep her safe. 

America has taken hits through her years, and continues on. She is the shining light on the hill, the beacon in the darkness. Her strength lies in her people, and their willingness to overlook divisive politics, and navigate around disappointing politicians. Dennis Prager has a wonderful synopsis of why America is so special.

My Sweet Valentine, Thank You For Letting Me Express Myself!

I don’t love everything people say. In fact, I find most of it asinine. What I do love is that they can say it. So can I. Outside of a few close-minded locations (like, say, a College Campus) I can say whatever I want. So can you. Most countries don’t allow that fundamental right for their citizens.

For example, I say,

Bernie Sanders is a basement dwelling man-child. He should return to his mom’s house and finish the final round of  “Class Struggle” (the board game for Marxists). He reminds me of the DNA cross-spawn between the Muppets characters “Statler and Waldorf”, only not as engaging or smart!” 

The worst I can expect from saying this… pissed-off Bernie Bots. A good squirt from the dog’s “NO-NO!!” sprayer bottle should send them scampering. If that doesn’t work and they want my head in their guillotine, I’ll toss them some copper and lead. It’s very effective for pest removal (Thanks Valentine for that right, 2A).

When Her Politicians Fail, My Valentine’s Citizens Step-Up

What do a gay Republican, a Blue-Collar ‘Baller, and Bayou Bad-Asses have in common? They are examples of what makes America a spectacular country.

Scott Presler is an openly out and proud Republican. He’s also gay. None of it matters. He’s an American who loves his country, and practices a “boots on the ground” approach to cleaning it up. This awesome, amazing man, travels the country cleaning up trash from the streets of American cities (video here). Cities where the politicians make big promises, and then rejoice over their small efforts. Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Fransisco…. Scott travels the country registering people to vote, spreading the good word on why he thinks Trump is the greatest, and picks up trash. Tons, and tons, of trash from the streets.

I previously lived down the street from him, and can assure you; he’s an activist with heart. I can’t count the times he’s been standing at the intersection of Burke Center Parkway/Lee Chapel Rd. and Burke Lake Rd. Waving his signs and encouraging others to raise their voices. His love for America apparent by his willingness to help those that are left behind by politicians with empty promises. He doesn’t limit his help only those who reflect his beliefs, or views. His support comes from the heart, to help those who need it.

He’s my Valentine.

America, Built By Blue-Collars and Red Hearts

Mike Rowe. Where to start?! This man took his hard work and success, put it into a storm cloud, then rained down his wealth far and wide. The hit show “Dirty Jobs” introduced him to the people who keep American lives moving. Unsung citizens who do the jobs that keep us healthy, safe, and happy. I don’t know his politics, it’s not an issue. He is a good man, highlighting other good men and women. Americans who do their jobs, irrespective of their political views. People who answer the call for help by asking, “What can I do?” not “But first, what do you believe?”.

He is the driving force behind “Mike Rowe Works“, a scholarship focused on bringing people to the skilled trades. Mike realizes that college isn’t the best path for everyone, and there are careers for people who want an alternative. While politicians talk about “free college”, Mike’s foundation gives scholarships for learning a trade-skill. People graduate the program with an in-demand skill, and without the debt of college. Politicians would do well to note that his scholarship foundation is privately funded, and no taxpayers were extorted in the process.

I love these quotes,

Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you.”

~Mike Rowe


We keep lending money we don’t have to people who can’t pay it back for jobs that don’t exist.”

~Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe, you are an American Valentine!

Where Politicians Fail, Their Policies Flounder… Americans Fleet-Up!

The devastating natural disasters in the southeast showed us the awe-inspiring love Americans have for each other. When there are floods, and thousands of stranded inhabitants are sending out an S.O.S, the modern day “Cajun Navy” responds. Their Mission,

The mission of Cajun Navy Relief is to save lives. We are a group of volunteers who work
tirelessly without pay (using our own personal equipment) to provide immediate rescue
and relief during natural disaster. Rescue and relief is our way of sharing our South
Louisiana cultural tradition (of neighbors helping neighbors) with people in need across
the United States. By integrating civilian volunteers into the Incident Command
Structure, we are able to act as a force multiplier for agencies responding to disaster.”

Black, Brown, White, Male, Female, Gay, Straight, Conservative, Liberal, Independent…. They all step-up to help their fellow Americans. There is no purity test to join their ranks. No party affiliation quiz to board their boats and escape a flood zone. America’s beautiful citizens stepping-up to help citizens  family in a time of need. Underneath all the divisive political drivel, we are brothers and sisters.

Wow! America, you are amazing! From the ideas of a few colonists to the birth of this great country, your citizens are unlike any before her. They volunteer their time, resources, and energy to helping those around them. My dear America, you should be so proud of what you have created.

You are all my Valentine.

Thank You.

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