All Hail President Nobody…..

All Hail President Nobody…..

All Hail President Nobody…..

I would like to say I haven’t injected myself into an opinion on the blog on the slow motion rolling snowball train wreck that is the ACA/Obumblercare Act because as the onslaught that is the never-ending somersault it makes down the mountain on it’s way the insane crash that it will be continues unabated, I am getting some very smug “I told you so” satisfaction.

I don’t need to be the millionth customer to pile on.  I can see this greased pig rodeo from afar. But still, this is one crazy fun crack up to watch.

Some in the Legacy Media are coming around, but it must be terrible coming to some of the realizations they are coming to.  They must truly be paradigm shifting.  I saw this today and it helped throw another cherry on top of the doo-doo sundae that is this administration.

You can spend your time on You-Tube blowing coffee out your nose first thing watching this stuff, but after awhile, it just gets old and busted.

What is New and Hot though, are people like all the liberal pundits who are getting the opportunity to support this administration on the ACA and get to choke back the profanities that they want to hurl while talking about how getting canceled from your policy really isn’t, more money to meet your deductible is good and more money out of your pocket is just swell; as they hide their own cancellation letter in their pocket.

I warned the punditocracy that you weren’t elite enough to escape this, and now you get to live like the rest of us.  Good job vetting that two time candidate BTW….

President Nobody can’t escape this.  This signature piece of his legacy definitely is the clearest snap shot of his legacy of failure.  It absolutely incapsulates his administration; inept, out of date, error prone, all talk–no action, bluster, bluff, criminal, rudderless, lying, deceptive, vain, dysfunctional and inescapable.  It is and remains the only piece of legislation in the history of the country ever passed without a vote from the minority party, and as it continues to stack up the damage, his name, and the name of Democrats everywhere will be all over it.  The stench of this failure will follow his party for the next decade.  The Democrat party/Media Machine is handcuffed and daisy chained to the back of this albatross as it tumbles down the cliff, and there is no way for them to get loose or escape their part in it as well.

Why are Republicans racing to help delay it?  Why?  One of the best things I have ever heard said is “when your enemy is about to make a critical mistake, let them.”  I say stand back and let Team Obama and his army of tech surgers attempt to properly attach this aberrant third arm on the forehead of government and try to convince everyone how awesome this dead cat rolled in buffalo turds and covered in broken glass is to have around.  They voted for it, they wanted it, they pulled all the strings; now make them own it.  More importantly, get yourself some good candidates and put that great shining example of individual freedom up at campaign debates talking about how they didn’t vote for this giant rolling pile of dukey that steals freedom from your life and money from your bank account; but the right honorable gentleman across the dais from them who wants re-elected sure did; and that is why Mabel from the back of the room who asked that question earlier about how come her premiums went up so much that she can’t afford to pay attention is gonna vote different next time.

So light the fires and sit back and watch the show as the the country gains a majority in both houses of Congress and a conservative president; all because Madame Sebelius couldn’t pass on the double coupon, preferred customer, super smoking deal on those Obama-care exchange servers running Windows 98.  This bonfire of the vanities promises to be a blockbuster and the meltdown of the libturds is going to be popcorn worthy.

Maybe Judge Roberts knew what he was doing after all?

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  • Jodi says:

    *Standing O*

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    The only things missing in this disaster are the mooring mast and Herb Morrison’s narration. 🙂

  • GWB says:

    “Maybe Judge Roberts knew what he was doing after all?”
    Not a chance.

    But, the rest of this is spot-on. It’s part of/similar to the Let It Burn strategy. It will be the only way to convince enough people of the wisdom of small government that we might save a goodly remnant of this great nation.

  • Kate says:

    I’m pretty sure Justice Roberts DIDN’T know what he was doing.

  • Deebow says:

    Great again… But maybe Justice Roberts saw what would happen.

    No way to know, but I am enjoying the tumbling avalanche of ineptitude as well.

  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    I’m still wondering if Roberts did know, but caved, because he was thuggishly threatened like so many insurance companies are being threatened…..

  • commontater says:

    I’m new to this site and enjoying the Victory Girls snarky, wise, articulate and hearty commentaries. Victory Girls are the reason for my new category, The Ladies Zroom! You gals rock.

    Now, to your article, I see why y’all would like to ‘step away from the Kool-aid’ Carnival and watch this WHouse of Cards implode and shuffle down into ashes. Aside from all your examples of why Obamacare is the gift from hell, there’s something else to consider here as to why this boondoggle ever left the ground and why any future WH pet project will be instituted without much of a fight, IMO. The No Such Agency has the wherewithal to blackmail, bribe, and strong-arm cooperation from anyone (Roberts, perhaps?) by culling of dirty-laundry via domestic surveillance. With our technology, I simply don’t believe they would not cherry-pick some individual if they so desire.

    Oh, and something else; HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius reported today at her congressional hearing that QSSI was now in charge. Is this the same QSSI that has tentacles into many .government agencies, past, present, and current, such as DHS, HHS, HUD, DOT, DoED, USDA and the IRS? (Does anyone know if this is a conflict of interest? As regards to our Constitution and Bill of Rights??) So, let’s see. Let’s use a clunky, unsophisticated, non-integrated software program that crashes at every blink until everyone yells ‘ENOUGH’ ditch this bitch! and QSSI comes to the rescue. The plan all along: a .government technological octopus with tentacles into every .government agency database. Welcome to the Matrix. The Wrecktrix, in this case.

    You haven’t seen the last of PuC, Victory Girls!

  • I think the Chief Justice knew what he was doing.

    I just don’t assume he had the same outcome in mind as most of us here.

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